Spoiler Return of the brand wars?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Shadow, Jul 17, 2013.

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  1. So I was skimming through this weeks Smackdown results when I read that Vickie was named the new GM of Smackdown. With this occurring I feel like brand wars are in the midst. Hear me out, Maddox,Triple H,and ,Stephanie would control RAW and Vickie,and,Vince would control Smackdown. They would compete weekly to see who puts on a better show. Not only could the brand wars reignite but it could also lead to the brands splitting which means the possible return seperate brand PPVs and the draft. What are your thoughts on all of this?
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  2. Sounds nice to me, I always kinda liked the draft. But then it would raise the question, whos going to what brand?
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  3. Nice idea you got there! :emoji_wink:) But it'll be a tad unfair, seeing as RAW is 3 hours long. :emoji_slight_smile:) It'll be a tad unfair.

    I really like a brand split because you're terribly confused where is that wrestler really. :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. Imagine this is the reason why Shield split up, lmao.
  5. Talking about the Shield, which brand would get the TT championships? I'd believe Raw would get WWEC and ICC and SD WHC and USC, but which would get TTC? Same question with the Divas championship.
  6. Because people care where the divas go :haha:
  7. Would be so amazing.
  8. Nah, but I mean, what if Ambrose goes on RAW because of the US champ and the Rollins and Reigns end up on Smackdown? That'd be something. :hmm:
  9. I personally hated the brand wars/split. It limited which superstars could feud with one another and who could compete for what championships. Plus a lot of great stars were no longer on RAW which clearly is the more watch show.
  10. Didn't limit it, because of the yearly draft.
  11. The only thing i disliked in the draft
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  12. I hated the draft b/c half of the roster which usually included most of my favorite superstars went to smackdown which I never watched. I remember Edge got drafted to Smackdown and I basically stopped watching WWE for years because of it.
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  13. Cena on smackdown. I would mark
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  14. Why didnt you just start watching Smackdown?
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  15. Because I was young and had a life on Friday nights lol. Plus I was playing highschool football (american) at the time of the show half the year.
  16. Divas should all go to SD!

  17. They made DVRs for a reason,you shoulda recorded Smackdown and watched it in your spare time.
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  18. Divas should fight to the death and the ones that survive stay. :tough:
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  19. Didn't have a DVR or computer back then to watch.
  20. And without clothes. Dont forget that. [​IMG]
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