News Return time frame for Ambrose

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Aug 26, 2014.

  1. That's the day before NoC, so it'd be pretty cool if Ambrose stopped Rollins' possible cash in.
  2. I like the press he's getting. I like the attention he is getting. The 'Brose marks can breathe a little easier because it appears he won't be a wasted piece of sh**
    The Shield pecking order is now: Rollins > Ambrose > Pee > Reigns
  3. Reigns vs Rollins seems to be the booking, so it would be cool if Ambrose had a part in it by surprise.
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  4. I'm starting to get worse and worse feelings about Cena triumphing over Lesnar at Night Of Champions. The obvious scenario I'm picturing here is that Cena defeats Lesnar to win the championship and then right when Rollins is ready to cash-in without fear of reprisal from Ambrose, the lunatic fringe returns out of nowhere anyway and chases him off. Hopefully I'm wrong and he returns after NOC instead.
  5. The scenario you just presented does sound horrendously gay and contrived,
    If it happens though, I wouldn't bat an eyelash and neither would you. Actually you might facepalm, but I wouldn't even give much of a f***
  6. I remember the days when Crayo would go on and on about how great Ambrose was and he hadn't even debuted yet.
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  7. He still isn't that great, but they are emphasizing his strengths and it works.
  8. I try really hard to NOT be a mark, but I just can't say anything negative about ambrose, dude has the looks, the in-ring presence, the charisma...Jeez, I guess I am a mark
  9. Everyone knows I'm the bigger Ambrose mark though.:tough:
  10. I guess. :dawg:
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  11. Nice, can't wait to see Ambrose back on the show, really interested to see the Rollins/Ambrose program continued.
  12. Not soon enough RAW was lacking for me without him. Him and Rollins about the only thing that interests me at the min.
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