Royal Rumble Returns for 2014 Royal Rumble?

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  1. Obviously Batista is coming back but do you think there will be any other returning Superstars for the match?
    I'm thinking Sheamus, RVD & Christian may make their returns for the Royal Rumble.


    IMO I don't think Jericho will make a return here because that's exactly how he did it last year and Y2J doesn't seem like the kind of guy who want's to make repetitive returns in the same fashion to the company.
  2. Goldberg, Angle, Sheamus, Matt Morgan, Christian, Jeff Hardy and Shelton Benjamin
  3. Interesting, I can see that since he hasn't done any RoH in forever and has been doing some New Japan wrestling recently..

    Also Hardy is an interesting prediction too since his character on TNA left last week and in the afterwards interview he said he was leaving TNA but there was word that it was just an angle the promotion was working.
  4. He's banned from the UK and TNA are planning their UK tour. Could go either way.
  5. he's a felon and cant travel pretty much anywhere.
  6. Oh yeah that's right I didn't even think about that, he got busted for trafficking back in '09 wasn't it? Man it hasn't been all too long I'm not sure how that slipped my mind. Still if he happened to show up for WWE at the RR he would get quite the ovation!
  7. I'd love for the WWE to give him his wish and let Jake "The Snake" Roberts make a return... He deserves it.

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  8. Just remembered about Evan Bourne... maybe he'll finally come back?
  9. Haha you think? That'd be really random IMO.. I just think they should cut him and let him provide roster depth elsewhere if they're not going to use him :emoji_slight_frown:
  10. Sheamus for sure. I believe he just got cleared a week or two ago.
  11. jeff hardy plzz
  12. Isn't he still on contract with TNA until '15?
    It'd be pretty sweet though, although I was more a fan of the tag team with matt & jeff over their singles competition but hey either way would be cool
  13. I'd mark out completely if Jeff Hardy returned.

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  14. Have 3MB in the ring and then...

  15. Also JR should return for commentating!
  16. CM Punk (#1 entrant)
    * Jimmy Uso
    * Jey Uso
    * Damien Sandow
    * Erick Rowan
    * Luke Harper
    * Seth Rollins
    * Dean Ambrose
    * Roman Reigns
    * Bad News Barrett
    * Fandango
    * Rey Mysterio
    * Batista
    * Alberto Del Rio
    * Kofi Kingston
    * The Miz
    * Big E Langston
    * Xavier Woods
    * R-Truth
    * Cody Rhodes
    * Goldust

    So only 9 guys left for surprises... I am sticking with saying Sheamus will be one. Evan Bourne for another spot. Maybe Christian or Jericho.
  17. Jimmy Wang Yang is teasing an appearance on twitter.
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  18. Corey Graves from NXT teased an appearance, doubt it though.
    For some reason Bad News Barrett's name was removed from the RR Participants list, althoughtI'm pretty sure he announced last Main Event that he was going to participate.
  19. Been hearing many things about Rob Van Dam being ready to compete since like back in late December.. Highly doubtful he'll win it but hey I'm RVD fan so it'd be nice to see a surprise return out of him.
    Sheamus is like a no brainer to return, I can't think of any legitimate reasons the WWE would have for holding him out of the RR.
  20. Aren't they doing that NXT Tournament for a Rumble spot again?
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