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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by army_george, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. So ive noticed that Brodus Clays music has already been used for Earnest (the cat) Miller. I just watched one of the royal rumbles(i think 2005) and there he is dancing away to "somebody call my mama"

    Also noticed that at the Bootcamp match at D Generation X In Your House that Sargeant Slaughter came to the ring to Kurt Angles music way back in 1997 i think

    Anybody know of other themes or songs being reused in WWE?
  2. Patriot and Angle I think shared themes also Norton used this fire burns once before Punk.

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  3. Luke Gallows' theme was the theme for St. Valentine's Day Massacre in 1999 or something, but edited. I also think Darren Young's and Tyler Reks' themes were the same with different effects. Plus, Kurt Angle's music was also used by The Patriot before Kurt debuted.
  4. Wasn't Zekes theme used on a PPV before, but it was an instrumental.

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  5. whatever happened to luke gallows.. i thought he was pretty talented and he was following punk well then all of a sudden he dissappeared... punk did mention it in his shoot about 12 months ago
  6. He got released.

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  7. any reasons for getting released? any rumours on why?
  8. They always release a few people due to budget cuts.
  9. He's in TNA, he tryed out for it a week ago. Posted it in the TNA section when I found out.
  10. Marc Mero from WWE and the Renegade WCW had the exact same theme song while.

    I laughed hard at that.

    This was before Vince owned them both

  11. Hasn't McCools theme been used for about fifty divas now?
  12. Randy Orton had Cm Punk's old theme This fire burns for one night. NWO, Nash and Hogan have the same theme.

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