Revert someone back to a past gimmick.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. I'm not too keen on people going backwards but Kane going back to the mask garnered a solid reaction so who would you want to go back to a past gimmick?
  2. Garrett Bischoff: Referee gimmick
    CM Punk: Voice of the voiceless tweener/anti authority gimmick
  3. Agree with Dolph completely on both.

    I'm so tempted to say Cena but I won't. I'll say Mark Henry back to the hall of pain version. Then Big Show back to the pee wee herman who never wrestled.
  4. Whiny tantrum Christian!!!!
  5. Christian: Jericho's sidekick. (I'm serious)
    Big Show: Paul Heyman made him, and broke him when he left.
    Cena: Thuganomics obviously.
  6. I think the Christian and Cena one would be a big step back.
  7. CM Punk's straight edge society.
  8. I might be biased. I was younger after all when those two gimmicks were in place. Maybe you're right.
  9. I'd be okay with Cena's one because it's such a badass gimmick and he's so damn good at it, but I'd rather see something new. With Christian, he deserves to be on his own with his own gimmick, he's too good to be Jericho's sidekick (even though the promos/matches would be insane).
  10. Undertaker back to the American Bad Ass.

    I win.


  11. I hope it happens at WM.
  12. It could have worked well with Taker's haircut to revert back to it now to be honest. But it's just changed to Taker with a hood -,-
  13. Is it worth Taker going back to the ABA? He's only around for a few weeks a year so changing a gimmick seems pretty extreme imo.
  14. Gay HHH (blue blood).. Just kidding, I would like ECW CM Punk back.
  15. Wonder what happens after he takes it off.
  16. Found the Christian I want. Skip to 2:24.

  17. Christian: Captain Charisma. At 2004-2005 with Trish, Tomko he was a cool cocky star. Shame WWE couldnt use him.
    CM Punk: Voice of Voiceless.
    Dwayne Johnson: Turn to The Rock and stop being Dwayne Johnson :emoji_slight_frown:
  18. Yeah, Punk back to his tweener anti-authority role seems good.
  19. bring back Skip Sheffield