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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Nobody, Sep 4, 2012.

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  1. DZ it seems, has given up on Raw, so Daddy will take over and give you all a much worse review than you could have had. 'Sgo!

    1. Punk lawler review, talk. Fuck this, and not making another # for punk sheamus. This shit is how every week starts, and im tired of it. Boring wrestlers, at least sheamus stfu. Chicago fans get punk at least 4 times tonight. :true:

    AJ SKIPS AROUND THE RING AGAIN. If i watched this live, this is where my review would have ended. This shit is trash, but both events "she" Aka the board of directors made seem decent. get sheamus and punk off my tv asap.

    2. DZ Orton. Both are awesome in this match, really impressed with how orton takes hits, which is how i rate most wrestlers, sadly. Great match, Ended without vickie so i couldn't be happier. Heels win 1/5 max, but ill take it.

    3. Monday night miz, commentary just got AWESOME. Down with this, stick around to your tv and lets party.

    4. Anger management? AMAZING. Kane is ok, DB is GOD. Spot let me know it's mason andrews in there, and im a fan so this is even better now.

    4 again. Mysterio and cara vs....Rhodes...and fucking tensai, are you kidding me, tensai? THIS NEEDS TO BE WHERE HUNICO GETS HIS PUSH. Hunico and Rhodes vs Rey and Cara would be great, have the old timers job and get the young talent the spotlight they deserve. Tensai makes me want to avoid, but for the sake of hating, ill watch this horseshit. We miss the beginning, and come back to the fatshit working on a guy LITERALLY less than half his weight. Tensai fucks up, Tyson Kidd pays the price. TNA > WWE. Mysterio trying to tag outside the ring, and rhodes takes the pin. Fuck this match. Back to regular raw style. Kidding me?

    6. More anger management, Watch this shit.

    7. Sheamus punk, punk 3rd time on the show, and leaves. Fuck him, im sure we will see this pile of shit at least once more, congrats chicago, Ryder didnt even get 1 in his hometown. 5 minutes of drama talk from punk and sheamus saying arse. Punk takes a page from ADR's book, but this time fans love it. Swagger for the loss, i wont watch because, sadly, i know he is there to lose, again. Wont make a thread for divas match, fuck that. I will say, best tits and nicest ass in WWE in the ring for this match. Eve > all.

    8. Read above for more my thoughts on Anger Management. Onto Ryback and Jinder. GOLDBERG, GOLDBERG. Both are trash, Ryback is stiff as fuck (:finger: crayo) and Jinder is just bad. Miz saying HBK and Jericho makes aids happy, Miz on Commentary > this match. Watch this match just to hear what miz says.

    9. His name is Matthews, and he is fucking boss. AJ get off my tv. Stop with the GM shit, its the board who does her job, she is horrible. TIME FOR DB. DB > You > wwe > Punk > Sheamus. This shit is awesome, please WWE dont shove this down my throat to the point of hating it before it runs it's course. Lol @ the "match." Jesus. Gets good eventually.

    10. Santino Cesaro, at least this is his ONE rematch, i hope. Skipped, dont care about sheamus. Go Cesaro, better/younger talent.

    11. Ryder/Slater. Slaters gonna slate, watched but nothing i cared enough to write about, so just FYI, Aids > you. Woo woo woo.

    L. AJ vickie For the loss. Horrible bitch who cant finish words, and idiot who skips around like a fucktard wasting my minutes of life. Id rather stare at tubgirl for the next 20 minutes than experience 5 of this. That is saying a lot.

    13. ADR Cena, two of the most hated WWE members. This match is gold. Watch the match, i wont waste your time with my opinion outside of this was worth every second.

    Enjoy/hate? :finger: :obama:
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  2. Nice Review, Straight to the point.

    Then Anger Management segments are F'N gold.
  3. Loved everything you had to say about AJ. :true:

  4. Thanks, this is for you.
  5. ADR is the most loved WWE member... oh wait, that's just my opinion haha.
  6. We have a few here, the rest know he is great in ring, just think he is stale. Dude is boss.
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  7. I'm pretty sure his name is striker. :dawg:
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  8. shit matt stryker, Thanks for finding the one flaw from my 5 minutes of wirting, i called Ryder Christian also. Now, fuck off.
  9. Nice review, kept it short and sweet which is best for these types of reviews. I disagree with a couple of things, and one of them you know as you've pulled the finger out on me :emoji_slight_frown:. Stiff means he wrestles hard; less fake, more real, sort of thing. I wouldn't call him dangerous in the ring which is what I'm guessing you think he is, he's no more dangerous than Sheamus or Big Show, lol.

    I agree with the AJ shit. There's so many reasons I hate this, and to be honest you've inspired me to make a thread on it, so stay tuned. Anger management = so much win, DB and Kane are playing their roles awesomely. As is Harold and the professor guy -- forgot his name -- they're selling it well.

    I disagree with the review on Sin/Rey, I thought the match was good and Tensai being there added an element of David vs Golliath and Sin/Rey had to work together to overcome them. I think it's leading to a permanent tag-team which is win for everyone. It saves Sin botching on people like Ziggler, but instead working with someone he can understand and relate with (and communicate with) and it keeps Rey out of the main event. A tag-team which means something, looks original, wrestles great AND has star quality? That's a win out of my book. The only down side is Rhodes being stuck with this awful "I hate masks" gimmick.

    I agree that Miz was awesome and Sheamus sucks, but the opener with Sheamus getting owned by Chicago was just perfect. I think RAW needed lots of Punk tonight, he STILL needs to be the main point of every show to be the permanent main eventer like Cena. Every RAW needs to end with Punk atm.

    I liked Ryder/Slater just because I love both of them, but I agree it was sort of pointless and boring without mic time. Cesaro/Santino can :gtfo:. No Big Show = Win though.
  10. This sheamus and show are barely better, as he will be over time. Until then, ryback never faces anyone relevant IMO.

    Only hated on the tag because im a hunico mark and he deserves to get into the feud with Rhodes over anyone else IMO, he could have jobbed and the match could have been better, but just my opinion. Liked Ryder/slater, but nothing amazing to chat about as i was trying to be straight to the point.

    Punk stuff, ahh Chicago great, heyman for 2-3 seconds = good for next week/when he shows again but he could have had one and IMO it would have been better. People who see my posts know how i feel about punk though, great in ring, great on the mic, too much fucking time on RAW. Sheamus getting shit on is always great in my book, just wish they gave ADR or DZ mic time like Punk gets to do the same.
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