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  1. Has anyone started watching this show yet? imo it's pretty freaking solid. Andy Daly cracks me up in it. He reviews things people do in an ordinary life but like eventually builds them up to such a dramatic level. It's newer I believe they air the third episode on Comedy Central tomorrow it comes on at 10 pm EST I totally recommend it. For those of you who are watching TNA and wanna watch it it will be on Hulu within 7 days of airtime. It's got a lot of dark humor involved with it so if you're into that kind of thing it's definitely the show for you.


    If you want a small taste of the show before you give the full episode a watch here's a 6 minute skit from it on; Addiction..

    My Review of Review: 3 and 1/2 out of 5 Stars
    I hope it sticks around for at least 3 years, it definitely seem's like it's cheap solid comedy which is right up Comedy Central's Alley.
    I heard the reviewers have been kind of low, but increased by a decent amount on the 2nd episode compared to the first, we'll see how the 3rd episode does, again it comes on tomorrow at 10pm on Comedy Central :emoji_slight_smile:
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