Revolution is coming May 28th.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 21, 2012.

  1. Ambrose?!?!?
  2. My guess is, it won't be him.
  3. Why?

    It could be Barrett however.
  4. Batista to return
  5. It won't be Batista in my opinion.
  6. Well, that viral campaign didn't last long. I'm betting on a new superstar (fail to see what is revolutionary about an older star returning), probably Ambrose.
  7. If it really is for next week, something has to pick up. This "viral campaign" has nothing on Jericho's one. All they've done is post two WWE.COM videos right?
  8. Update:

    Looks like they've changed their mind.
  9. i guess so too!! :sad:
  10. When is his return due BTW?:dawg:
  11. Heard Matt Morgan may possibly be in a new video? :sad: Online reports and pics are circling...
  12. Source!!!
  13. [​IMG]
  14. Yes, from PWTorch.

    Damn it, Morgan, Shelley, Flair.... All gone now? :annoyed:
  15. Yeah saw earlier and posted a thread on it. Looks like Connor Obrian to me though.
  16. Do Matt Morgan's ears really stick out like that? I never noticed
  17. :lol1:

    I noticed that too. It's not a champion look.:dawg:
  18. Show Spoiler


  19. No one else see's the Connor OBrian resemblance?

  20. idk who the fuck that is lol
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