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  1. Anyone looking forward to this show? It's coming this September 17th.


    I might watch it since it has Gustavo Fring from Breaking Bad but gonna see if the first couple episodes are good or not.


    Just out that the first episode was leaked. Gonna watch it.
  2. The trailer seems to reveal a whole lot. Interesting concept though.
  3. Talk about a trailer that pretty much reveals everything...
  4. Gus from Breaking Bad? :win: Sounds cool also.

    Btw Crayo, do you watch B. Bad?
  5. He doesn't. I'll be watching that show.
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  6. I love Sci-Fi related shows, this look's like my cup of tea. I'm definitely going to give it a watch.
  7. Starting breaking bad tomorrow morning. Can't wait.
  8. I've only watched the first ever episode, think I'll be starting soon too.
  9. I highly recommend it. I stopped at Season 5, episode 5 as of right now, but can't wait to move on ASAFP. Boss TV show.
  10. All those stuff from trailer happened in Episode 1 only. Story moves very fast so I guess they will be showing flashbacks kind of like Lost.

    Was ok. Seeing Gus back and in a leader position made it good. :gusta:
  11. Can't wait for it, I will download it next week after it's aired, so I hope we can discuss it hoss, in this thread like :boss1: 's
  12. Got netflix today, so yeah will be breaking bading it up tomorrow. Trailer includes way too much from this episode but it's something I find quite interesting so I might watch it. I'm not a big series fan but yeah.

    Any of you watch Touch when it was on?
  13. Touch? Is that the thing on Sky 1 with Kiefer Sutherland?
  14. Episode 1 is available to download if you don't wanna wait until next week. Not feeling into for a discussion thread. :downer:

    I watch Touch. Still haven't finished the last 2 episodes of season one but someday I will. :lol1:

    Only started to watch it since I missed Sutherland from 24.
  15. It's already available to download, this is good news. :obama:
  16. Man those are the best episodes. Go watch tomorrow noob.
  17. I downloaded both episodes the next day it aired but got never got a time to watch it lol. I'll finish it tomorrow.
  18. The I have lost everything line and Gustavo. :isee:
    Breaking Bad! :troll:
  19. I downloaded revolution I'll give it a try tonight!
  20. Finally got round to watching the pilot of this, it was pretty good. I can't wait for the next episode.
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