Rewards for purchasing Legend membership & donating.

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  1. Lately we've been discussing more ways to reward users purchasing Legend membership, or members purchasing other members Legend membership. There's multiple reasons why we want to reward you, but the main ones are that all generosity like that helps the website in more ways than you can imagine. Obviously it helps the financial strain on keeping the website up with hosting bills, add-on's that cost money, and paying for the forum software we are using, but it also helps the community when regular members who can't upgrade to Legend contribute to the site and get rewarded by other members. It gives regular members an incentive to be high quality which normally is the main reason for them being upgraded by another member. I'm hoping that these rewards ensure that the site will never be offline due to lack of funds, because it's no secret that this forum does sometimes struggle to pay its bills.

    So, without rambling on, I've made this thread to post any Legend-related promotions or rewards. I'll start this thread off by saying introducing the new deal of purchasing lifetime Legend membership will let you upgrade any other user for free for 6 months. For example, if you bought lifetime Legend membership, you can upgrade any other non-Legend for free and it will last for 6 months. This helps the site and members who can't upgrade to Legend by themselves.

    Also, since we brought back the awards recently, we will eventually be adding back some donator awards. I've yet to decide what figures will get you what award, but they will be there very soon. Furthermore, we will add an award that recognises the generous users who upgrade others. So purchasing an upgrade for someone but yourself will get you that award (it might have to be lifetime Legend membership though, or 6 months+ -- yet to decide).

    I'll close this thread so I can just easily reply with updates or new deals. From this point onwards I'll keep a log on who upgrades who so those with the most generosity are truly recognised for how awesome they are. Expect forum cash rewards and more to come! We will also be setting up a donation page soon for those that want to contribute anything they can (can be as little or big as you want [that's what she said]), and those donations will also be logged. If you have any questions regarding these deals, updates, or donations in general, then please contact me via PM.

    Thanks for reading, and thanks for helping WWEF stay online.
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