Rexan's WWE Audition

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Rexan, Dec 12, 2013.

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  1. I know I just created my account and this is my first post but bare with me. This is a must see audition tape. Rexan calls out Vince McMahon!!!

    This is:

    Rexan's WWE Audition.

  2. I'll send it to Vince right away.
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  3. Tell him! Whooakay buddy
  4. It's lunchtime right now. He's too busy eating his steak wrap. I wouldn't want to interrupt him.
  5. I'm on board.
  6. I'm gonna be the next Champ!
  7. how do we know you are the real Rexan though? You could just be stealing this dude's vids and posing on this account

    I think you need to make a video stating how awesome Dolph'sZiggler is so we know for sure your really who you say you are
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  8. HAHA, this ain't a joke
  9. Vince needs more nudes. Also bark like a dog.
  10. Vince said you better be taller than that midget Daniel Bryan if you ever want to be champion of his company.
  11. Guys IM THE REAL REXAN. Rexan the Flexan Texan to be exact. That's me in the video, and if y'all watched it you'd realize that NOBODY TALKS TO THE CHAMP! Okay buddie?! Tell Vince that the next time I see him before he sees me, I'm gonna snatch that toupee off his head and put it on a friend of mine, who says he's Native American but really isn't, and then were gonna beat his wife in her next run for congress.
  12. This was awkwardly funny.
  13. There's nothing funny about being the future champ. It's pure inspiration for the WWE universe
  14. K.
  15. hater
  16. I said it was funny!
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