Rey Mysterio Back Soon.

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    So I guess Del Rio vs Rey will be what Del Rio will be up to in the near future. 3rd time they've feuded now?
  2. Apologies if it was locked at first, my bad.
  3. Del Rio / Mysterio again? The match quality is decent but the promos are stale. I still want a proper Miz / Rey feud the match they had on raw was really enjoyable imo. Hopefully Rey can come back strong enough to continue putting on 3*+ matches week in week out.
  4. Yeah, I'd love for them to build Rey up by going over Del Rio and then let Rey put Miz over. That's me being completely bias though.
  5. I really wish that would happen Miz has really won me over this past 12 months or so. I've enjoyed him on the mic since the promo he cut on MVP but he's got alot better at structuring a match imo.
  6. Definitely. His matches with Bryan, Punk, Morrison etc were all great. He's improved massively, he's a passionate WWE guy. I thought WWE noticed this, and I still think he'll never become jobber again. But Sheamus going over him, the guy who's the Irish Cena but going over guys like Mahal and Santino... why put your best heel in WWE in a match against him, and have him lose?

    Confuses the fuck out of me tbh.
  7. The best thing about Miz is he's got the similar qualities to Jericho and Punk were he can recover his reaction with one promo due to his mic skills being so strong. So him jobbing to Sheamus doesn't concern me aslong as it leads to something.
  8. Yeah I guess, you're right, I mean the guy got reactions as a heel when Jerry Lawler was booked to nearly go over him clean.

    But yeah, I'm more annoyed because Punk badly needs a top heel to elevate Punk even further. They're not giving Miz that chance. I think RTWM was so good last year, mainly due to The Miz, he won so many haters over. If it is just a result for Sheamus for no reason, it'll really bug me. Especially when it's rumoured that Sheamus' pushes are only because he works out with HHH.
  9. I agree on the Punk part but I can't see Miz being that heel if you know what I mean. He's the more conniving heel rather then the dominant heel. For Punk to be legitimized he need needs some one in the HHH heel mold.I have no idea who unless Miz does build up a legitimate dominant streak. Miz and Punk would be a mania worthy feud but I personally wouldn't do it till Mania 30 in a babyface vs babyface match after Miz turns sometime in 2012. The really catch phrase gets chanted already and the Awesome one could really be over as a babyface. These two could be the faces of the era in a similar manner to Austin / Rock in late 99 imo.
  10. He's going to end up fucking up his knee again from how show-boat'ish he is.
  11. Agree with this it's a sad side affect of his style. He's still top 30 in the world imo and his match with Eddie at Halloween Havoc is a personal top 5 ever but he's slowed down greatly since his early days when he was using moves like this :

  12. Main reason for this is because everyone loves Santino for the nice guy act. It is all playing to what the fans want. We tend to look at it in the way of ability and we all seem to like the heel guys. But most of the WWE fans do not, which is why they do not get the support from the crowd.
  13. My source says he won't be cleared until May, because he had a third operation.