Rey Mysterio/Del Rio In A Mask vs Hair Match At Mania

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    Thoughts on what ADR would look like bald? His hair suits him well but if this match were to transpire, then obviously Rey would go over. Would anyone be interested in seeing this? I can't see either guy being left off the card (I figured they would be thrown into one of those ten or twelve man tag team matches that they sometimes book just to get as many people on the card as possible) and the match would definitely deliver.
  2. I sincerely doubt it.
  3. I would think that ADR would win this match since he's in his prime while Rey's career may be done soon. I would probably not want to see this match.
  4. I don't see why they wouldn't just make it a career match and have ADR retire his old boring injured ass.
  5. Hell no, ADR's hair going away would be horrible.
  6. Not gonna lie, seeing Del Rio lose and pulling THIS would be amazing:

  7. I can't see Rey retiring against a heel like ADR. If Huncio playing Sin Cara is a full time thing, then why not put Cara over Mysterio over and let Rey retire. Or maybe hurry and call up Del Sol/Kalisto to the main roster because now would be the perfect time for a match between he and Mysterio. Mysterio can't have much left in the tank with his injuries and whatnot and WMXXX is the perfect place for his sendoff.
  8. Couldn't care less about either of them at this point.
  9. Mysterio vs Hunico Cara or :gtfo:
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  10. I have lost almost complete interest in ADR at this point. They ran his character into the ground. These two (rey and adr) feuded so much already that any hype behind this match is already lost. The only thing that would grab some people's attention is the chance of seeing ADR bald. Rey was already unmasked. I'd much rather see Rey go out with a bang and fight a top level wrestler. He may be older now, but Rey is still a great wrestler who contributed to this company 7 fold. He either must be close friends with ADR or really doesn't like him to want this match.
  11. Wrestlemania 30 could have one of the most stacked cards ever. Neither of these two will make it or, at best, be pre-show material. Fuck wasting time on shit like this that no one wants to see because it reduces the minutes given to other matches. In addition, we've seen this match so much, it was even on smackdown this week. Pointless waste of time if it does happen.
  12. Nooooooo i dont want to see del rio bald or see rey have his mask taken off T_T
  13. Lol Rey wrestled in WCW without a mask, wouldn't be the first time the little guy lost his mask anyways.
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  14. Would be a waste of a match spot but i suppose they have to fill out the time somehow.
  15. I wouldn't really enjoy this, I'd rather they just stick Hunico to the Sin Cara gimmick (if they're going to go with that for a long time) and have him go over Rey in Mask vs Mask.
  16. exactly. what's the point of putting your mask on the line when we all know what ya look like.
  17. What was the point of Kane putting his mask back on after everyone already knew what he looked like?

    It's been years since Rey was unmasked and many people today likely don't know what he looks like underneath (with the Network arriving soon, it's possible for them to accidentally stumble upon footage from WCW of Rey unmasked, but the average fan who purchases the Network will be buying it for the current-day PPVs and shows and such, they aren't gonna care about watching old footage anyway.) Plus, it's a big deal for lucha libres to be forced to remove their mask (hence why Jericho was getting cheap heat in his feud with Rey in 2009 for trying to remove his mask.) This match if booked at all would be intended as a draw for the Latino demographic, nothing more. The Hair/Mask stipulations carry more weight with them because in Mexico, being forced to remove your mask or (if you don't wear a mask) being forced to shave your head bald is seen as the ultimate form of humiliation.
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