Rey Mysterio has been suspended!!!!!!!!

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  1. Rey Mysterio has been suspended!!!!!!!!

    ^^^^^ Hes failed the wellness test and is suspended for 60 days. WTF Rey Mysterio you idiot!!!!!!!
  2. Wow! Last person you expect to be on the roids! Unless he's been speaking to Sin Cara a bit more :emoji_wink:
  3. LOL :laugh:

    Didn't see that coming. I wonder what was he smoking/doing.
  4. Wondering when will Bot post this.

    Anyway, he's sort of a dumbass for doing this.
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  5. Stupid of him indeed, I'm pretty sure he was going to return before 60 days from now.
  6. Yeah it's abot time he did!

    I crack myself up :haha:
  7. That's a damn pissant that needs to be ran over by a 2500 lbs sumo-wrestler.
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  8. Fuck you WWE. Let the man toke up while he is on the shelf injured. Dick heads.
  9. I wish it said what he was on. I'm guessing it is just weed, but this completely shocks me. I never expected Rey of all people to do this.
  11. It's retarded IMO that WWE doesn't reveal what substance they tested positive for. Why release the information at all if you don't tell us what they are pissing hot for?

    As far as being shocked at Rey, he's already been popped once, so I don't think it's all that shocking. I find it more shocking that WWE is bothering to suspend one of their biggest stars for (me speculating) smoking herb.
  12. He's been busted before so it isn't too much of a surprise plus he was rumoured to be far from clean during that steroid scandal in 2006, his name comes up a fair bit with drug controversies.
  13. I guess it could realistically be a PED because tons of guys use them to help recover from injuries, which he was coming back from injury. People tend to think PEDs = steroids = buffed out muscle freaks, but that's far from the whole PED story.
  14. LSD. Calling it. :emoji_hushed:tunga1:
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  15. Wasn't he suspended ages ago though? He's one of the senior guys there now, he's on the same sort of level as the Undertaker's, HHH's etc. He's a guy they "look up to", hence why I was shocked.
  16. HOW? He has yet to come back! How can he get suspended if he injury!?
  17. He's still subject to testing as he's still under a contract Randy.
  18. but he not that he at his home! not with wwe why he injury wtf?
  19. He's still probably backstage. Testing I believe is random, if he's smoking weed while injured it doesn't make a difference.
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