News Rey Mysterio injury update

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. Stem cell treatment? LOL Rey, just retire.

  2. I'd love for him to have one last match because honestly I can't even remember his last match which isn't good lol, but yea I do think he should retire. Or just be a part timer from the Rumble until Mania and have like a retirement match at Wrestlemania.
  3. Wow... you don't see Austin or Edge doing this and they don't have young kids at home...

    This is kinda sad seeing he'd rather be out working then enjoying his kids before they grow up.... He could easily start a school in that area and possibly involve a guy like Christian or Edge as well

    Give it up brah.... your knees are crushed m&m's by now
  4. Rey should retire. Even if he does return he'll just be hurt in the first month and leave again.
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  5. Arrive
    Injure knees
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  6. It's time for Rey to leave, but I think it would be nice if he passed the torch to someone before he did, perhaps Hunico
  7. ReyMysterioKneeStatus: Our hype for his return.
  8. Neville debuts at TLC. Mysterio comes back at RR. Says he will have one last match at WM. He then says he wants to face one the best highflyer in the wrestling universe. Hunico comes out, Rey 619s him and tellls him to go backstage, Neville comes out and we get a match at WM30
  9. *Wow, my knees are injured, I better 619 everybody, I'm sure i'll be OK*
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  10. He should have one final short run left cultavating in a retirement match.
  11. Cesaro should put Rey out of his misery. :zeb:
  12. I hate when wrestlers retire because of injuries and dont have a last match. Del Rio retired Edge :sad:
  13. For the love of god Rey just retire your knees are fucked
  14. He can still kick all our asses, tho.
  15. Should have retired 3 years ago tbf
  16. If he returns, put over HUNICO in the mask, and have Hunico take Rey's please. THEN retire.
  17. THIS!

    Don't think it's for us to decide when it's time for guys to retire. Criticizing a company by not getting rid of them because they can't go any more is fair, but it's his decision on this one.
    But think most of us just think "oh he's gonna get injured again". Hope he knows when to hang it up for his own sake.
  18. If he doesn't want to retire he should return for ONE last match to put over a new high flyer/luchador (Hunico, Neville, whatever), not return full time. Then he'll get hurt in a tag team house show match and they'll have to postpone it to the next WM or whatever and this has happened like three times already, lol.
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