News Rey Mysterio Moved To Alumni Section

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Feb 26, 2015.

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    I guess it's pretty much official now. He's done with WWE.

    Thank you for everything and best of luck in your future endeavours, Rey.
  2. :yes::yes::yes:

    I always hated that midget. 619 is a stupid move.
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  3. Too bad about his WWE career. He was great in WCW though.

    oh watup Rick Rude
  4. OK. Just retire now.
  6. Aaand, he's been released. Welcome to Lucha Underground and AAA, Rey-Rey. I know he's never going to be a full time wrestler again, but still, it's Rey F'N Mysterio.
  7. Oh, well that's too bad. I liked him before 2009.
  8. At least he now gets to do something he wants to do again. Cya Rey.
  9. He's charging $20,000 P-P-A on the indies. This mofo has it good.
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  10. Dude's already booked for an appearance at a Swindon Promotion in the UK...

    Honestly, He'll be booked a lot for his name alone in most promotions and AAA and LU seem to be a desired destination for him so, He's gonna make a good living after the WWE.
  11. He will be remembered, but it was about time his time ended. They were running out of ideas for him.
  12. What's Ray Mysterious in the Impact Zone?!
  13. Good, he has been annoying me for years.
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  14. I liked Rey very much when I was a little bit younger but honestly I don't want him to come back, so that's good news.
  15. He ain't goin' there. lol
  16. Rey's WWE credentials:
    • Arguably the best TV wrestler in company history, overally one of the most consistent workers ever, which is saying something given that I can't recall him having a great match since 2011.
    • Rey was a huge draw and the company's best talent, yet Vince has always denied it.
    • Key WWE draw in Mexico, and also important house show draw for in the Southwest.
    • Key WWE draw (w/Batista) in Spain and Italy, led to some sort of boom period over there.
    • One of the top merchandise sellers for years, usually behind just John Cena.
    • Epic SmackDown run, he and Taker basically carried it in post-Rock era.
    • Memorable feuds with Angle, Eddie, Chavo, Jericho, Punk and Ziggler.
    • SmackDown Six.
    • Cruiserweight Division WAS Rey Mysterio.
    • Arguably the greatest Elimination Chamber erformance ever (2009).
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  17. Just wait and see! He'll hit everyone with the 858!
  18. It's a shame he never got to have an official retirement match in WWE, or that the Sin Cara plans didn't work out since Mysterio vs Cara was in the plans as a "passing the torch" sort of match a few years back. He's consistently been one of the most popular performers in WWE since his debut there in 2002 and deserved that kind of send-off. Oh well. Aidos, Mysterio.
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  19. Looks like Rey is asking for $20k per appearance.
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    Good for him. That sumbitch ain't a cheap guy to get at all.
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