Rey Mysterio Pulled From Tour

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Lacky, Oct 17, 2012.

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  2. Egyptian people waiting for Rey, getting DiBiase. :lol1:
  3. I actually lol'd a little. Sorry to see Mysterio ill though. Hopefully he'll be back on Raw soon.
  4. I also hope he gets better ASAP.
  5. I wonder what will happen if he's not fit for next weeks Tag-team final.
  6. Replacement partner maybe? If they're going to lose it's not going to make a difference, and they can still say Rey & Cara are an undefeated tag team.
  7. Good point. Knowing WWE it would be Truth and Cara. :dawg:
  8. :lol1: I'd also put my money on Truth.
  9. Is Mysterio's flu THAT bad? :((
  10. It's keeping him in bed so I suppose so, yeah. :cry:
  11. I know :sad:
  12. Lol if he's actually out because he failed another drug test :dawg:
  13. :sad:
  14. Would that be his second of third violation? :dawg:
  15. I'm pretty sure it'd be his third, he'd be out.
  16. Yeah, Him and Bourne living on the edge. :lol1:
  17. TEDDY <3
  18. Nice replacement.
  19. He's done for. He's not reliable, they can't take his character seriously. He's on his way out. My guess is he'll be done with the wwe soon, or rather they will be done with him. They have Sin Cara to take over the mask gimmick so really, they are just going to start putting him over and slowly slip Rey under the rug.
  20. Not likely just yet, why yes Rey has lost some interest, people would rather see Rey then Cara, and Rey is much more reliable then Sin Cara. Rey doesn't botch as much and has lots of experience in the WWE, as oppose to Sin Cara who is still unfamiliar with the WWE style and botches a lot and may cause an injury. Currently I would pick Rey over Cara just for that reason. After Sin Cara learns the WWE way more, then they should get Rey out, until then have Rey mentor him and show him around, in ring and out still, since they can work well together.
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