Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara make it happen WWE

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  1. Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara make it happen WWE this needs to done dont bother building them up to be a great tag team just get them facing off against eachother it could be an epic match. They could easily start the feud now and do the biggest match at Wrestlemania 29
  2. Tag team will be named

  3. Okay, so you're suddenly going to turn one of them heel within a week? Great booking there BLFFL. People will be more invested in the storyline if they worked as a tag-team because people can relate to a co-worker or close friend betraying you. :dawg:
  4. Building them up as a great tag-team is THE best way to have them go into singles action. The Rey vs Sin match needs to happen at WM and no where else, build them up as a dominant and enjoyable tag team and have Sin betray Rey.
  5. :win:
  6. Judging from Rey's previous tag team history, I guess Sin Cara and Rey are gonna be tag team partners for a while. Later, one of them turns heel and you'll have Rey vs. Sin Cara.

    Lol. Now, I wanna eat a burrito. :urm:
  7. Look at career highlights of Rey Mysterio. I know he is a great fighter.
  8. Rey Mysterio with his health issues these days always cause him to be off for ages thats why this match needs to happen soon
  9. Estos chavitos debe a luchar. Sin Cara han mejorado hace su debut. Rey Mysterio es mejorando en el cuadrilátero, pero debe a seguir mejorando antes que empieza Sin Cara vs Rey Misterio. Bien topico
  10. "These chavitos must fight. Sin Cara debuts improved. Rey Mysterio is improving in the ring, but because siguir improve before starting Sin Cara vs Rey Mysterio. good topic"
  11. Best match at WM? :urm:

    If this is the main event for WM 29.. Damn that would be disappointing..
    I'd like Brock vs Taker or Rock vs Taker or Rock vs Brock to be THE match or something..

    HHH vs HBK would be sexy too. :gusta:
  12. mispelled seguir lol
  13. :hmm: Shouldn't it be "ha mejorado", and what does "es mejorando" mean? If it means "is improving" it should be "está mejorando", shouldn't it? And I also think it should be "Bueno topico".
  14. Dissed by a Brazilian.

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