Rey Mysterio

Discussion in 'RAW' started by xDrac, Aug 11, 2012.

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  1. I wasn't sure whether to post this in the SmackDown or RAW section so I just post this in here.

    But I just saw SmackDown (on german TV) and Rey Mysterio was there against The Miz.

    I didnt follow the WWE for quite a while but didn't Mysterio have a long break? And isn't Mysterio on RAW actually?

    So my question is:
    Is Mysterio back? If yes, when did he come back?
    And lastly, why was Myserio on SmackDown if he's on RAW?

    Thanks! :win:
  2. Rey Rey came back the Raw before the 1000th Raw.
    Rey Rey was out because he got busted for drugs.
    Rey Rey is on Raw
    Welcome to the site :yay:
  3. He returned on the Raw before Raw 1000, probably July 16th, attacking Alberto Del Rio. And about him being on SD, the brand division is pretty much non existent, there are Raw guys on SD and vice versa every week, it's normal now.
  4. Firstly; He returned just before RAW 1000 and beat up Alberto Del Rio.
    Secondly; He was gone for nearly a year.
    Thirdly; Both rosters are basically on both shows now.

    Hope that helped.
  5. He came back four weeks ago on RAW.
    RAW is Supershow. It'll have superstars from RAW and Smackdown. Rey is in RAW brand btw.
  6. Whoa thanks, lots of helpful replies!
    I have another question though and wouldn't wanna make another thread...

    There was no Draft yet, right?
    Does anyone know if there's still gonna be one anytime soon?
    I want Rey back on SmackDown ): Since only SmackDown airs here on german TV >.<
  7. Rey didnt get busted for drugs? He had a legit injury that healed awhile ago, just WWE didn't know how to give him the right reappearance storyline.

    Rey is on Raw

    Also, he didn't appear till Raw 1000.
  8. :true: I don't think he would have been good straight after the injury.
  9. Don't sass me private!
  10. Sorry, I misread your post and thought you said after RAW 1000. :sad:
  11. He was injured, but when he was about to return he got a 60 day suspension due to drugs, yes.
  12. That's gay. That his first offence?
  13. Re: RE: Rey Mysterio

    Nope he was busted in 09 I think.
  14. No, 60-day suspensions are the punishment for the second violation. As Seabs said he was busted in '09 during his IC title reign.

  15. Can some answer this?

    And Rey did drugs? :/ For real?
  16. There was no draft, but he may make some appearances in Smackdown since the brand split basically doesn't exist.
  17. Wasn't this different a few years ago though? Why is there no brand split anymore? Whats the point of having two separate brands then?
  18. Money, they have two shows instead of one bringing in more profit.
  19. Raw Supershow, all the superstars from Raw and SD appear.
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