Rey returning next week

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Jun 25, 2012.

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  2. Urgh, great in-ring ability but such a stale character. Good news if they make him do something interesting though, I highly doubt that though.
  3. Good, Rey is actually a oldie great who doesn't mind putting people over. Rey needs to be pushed, then needs to let heel X go over him.
  4. What Crayo said. And Rey returning is also something to shake up the landscape of Smackdown. Which has been growing stale ever since Sheamoose took over at the top of the mountain.
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  6. I'd rather him let some heel go over him at SS and have Rey vs Cara at WM.
  7. ::emoji_stuck_out_tongue:uts on Jr Mod hat::

    This should actually be in the Raw section
  8. Is Rey really a RAW superstar now? Fuck the supershow concept. Also, the report actually states he'll be pushed on SmackDown.
  9. Rey was drafted to Raw in 2011 and won the WWE Title on Raw before losing it to Cena like 10 minutes later.
  10. Implying I remember that garbage, I'm an optimist derp.

    Still, he's returning on SmackDown it seems.
  11. Why is he still featured in the Smackdown intro if I am not mistaken then? I also feel as if it is more logical to put him on SD now since they need more faces that aren't Sheamoose.
  12. Itl be good to see ray
  13. It's nice when people return, normally shakes things up. I hope he puts people over and retires at WM against Sin Cara, he can still go in the ring but his legs aren't in prime condition. Let's see what they do with him.
  14. Rey will more than likely return on RAW but feature more on SmackDown due to lack of faces on SmackDown.
  15. I've barely even noticed that he's gone. Maybe he can have one last (short) run before putting over Sin Cara at Wrestlemania and then retiring. His knees probably can't hold out much longer. He said back in 2010 he probably only had a few years left anyway.
  16. Rofl your sig Rain = Gold
  17. Nice. Rey is one of the most outstanding wrestlers in WWE, his return means A LOT of great matches down the road, preferably against Daniel Bryan, Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, Cesaro, etc.
  18. Which part of it?
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