Rey returning

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. Just in time for RTW
  2. I forgot he was gone and honestly, I haven't missed him one bit :dawg:
  3. Time to start building Sin vs Rey.
  4. This and so much of it. After that match I couldnt really care what either of them does
  5. Yeah, if they're doing Rey/Cara at Mania this is the right way to go. Start building it now.
  6. Rey 619's him in 17 seconds at WM :lol1:
  7. 6+1+9= 16 , gonna be 16 seconds
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  8. :isee:
  9. I'm always happy to see Rey. IMO he's one of the best wrestler to ever lace em up.
  10. Rey Mysterio/Sin Cara would make a great opening bout for Wrestlemania. Though the World Heavyweight Championship match will probably go on first like it did the previous two years.
  11. +1 :win:
  12. I always loved Rey. I hope he is able to wrestler one or two more years.
  13. Well, I'm happy to see Rey return and more Sin Cara is fine by me :emoji_grin:
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