Rey Rey robbing a store with the help of some ostriches

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  1. :dafuq:
  2. "If I could be serious for a minute?"

    What the hell is this?
  3. How did you find this? Wtf even is it?
  4. I....I....I don't even know
  5. This is the real reason why Rey Rey was suspended. When they found out he was treating animals bad WWE didn't approve of it. The story behind this was the last wrestler who used animals to his help was Aquaman. One day he challenged Hulk Hogan for the World title and had whales try to ambush him. Luckily Hulk Hogan managed to get out of the water quick enough, and Vince caught on. So he doesn't want another attack with animals done so they began to suspend them. Now as to why they lied about it is because they need to make something believable. No one would believe animals attack people, so they make up stuff like Rey Rey did with the weed.
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  6. Hmm, yeah, when I think about it that makes complete sense :dawg: :pity: :dafuq:
  7. You're welcome :sandow:
  8. Oh rey rey.. will you ever learn.
  9. Imao wtf is this. Looks legit. No wonder I've been seeing couple of memes about this.
  10. :dawg: Quality stuff.
  11. People say it is supposed to be a viral ad for Stride Mystery Flavor gum. The guy who pointed this out says that Rey's question mark on the tights matches the gum's logo and they have used ostriches in their ads before. Still fucking crazy.
  12. Gum lol
  13. THAT's an add for GUM? :dafuq:

    I honestly thought Rey rey was high on some bath salts :haha:
  14. It has been confirmed that this incident was real.

  15. I think he deserves. I LOVE animals, and no animal should get abused. BAN POACHING, BAN HABITAT DESTRUCTION, AND BAN ANIMAL CRUELTY EVERYWHERE, and we have a perfect world.
  16. Far from it. And no Rey did not get suspended for abusing animals. He got suspended for being caught with higher levels of testosterone than they allow. That video is a commercial ad for a brand of gum.

    And banning animal cruelty would not cause a perfect world young grasshopper. There are a ton of more serious things that must be addressed before we have a perfect world.
  17. But Farouq said that Rey Rey was treating animals badly and WWE did not approve of that.
  18. Farooq trolled you. Trolling is a term for playing pranks or fooling people on the internet. WWE released press statements back when Rey was suspended clarifying why they suspended him. They are a public company and them lying would classify as a crime, towards their viewer base and their investors/owners.
  19. Oh. OK. It'll take me a while to understand where these Internet memes come from.
  20. the ? is there again O.O
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