Rey Talking About A Return?... Booyakah 6-1-9

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Nov 1, 2015.

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    Yes, rumors. But... I can see it happening. Sadly...
  2. He can fight in the divas division.
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  3. Never liked that midget.
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  4. He's just like cena: all flashery, no wrestling.
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  5. One definition of fantasy is the willing suspension of disbelief. That's what it is like watching rey fight. The only one I want to see him fight is hornswoggle. Maybe then he would have a chance
  6. It is sad but it would be an improvement.
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  7. Well, I'm not gonna say "I don't see him back in WWE anytime soon", because the last time I said it about ADR, he did come back like a week or two later. lol

    Whether ReyRey stays in AAA or leaves it and comes back to WWE just like ADR, I will have nothing against it.
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  8. WWE needs more elderly wrestlers.
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  9. It would be funny to laugh at AAA's complete disgrace if it happened in the near future, but otherwise I don't care where he is. Does sound like a better deal for him to stay in Mexico though, as the schedule is lighter.
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  10. Meh.
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  11. Pass.
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  12. I don't mind fantasy and disbelief, but in the realm of him having some super natural ability. For example, undertaker is seen as not human and evil. A demon sort of. So he can take a beating unlike any other and seemingly still never give up. Rey, on the other hand, doesnt do anything like this and simply acts like he can just overcome everything.
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