Rgbnba's Show RR (preview)

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  1. When: 27/1/13


    PPV's plan:

    Preshow :
    Show Spoiler
    First contender divas title (royal rumble match)

    RR PPV

    World heavyweight championship match :
    Show Spoiler
    Alberto del Rio (c) vs Big Show (last man standing )

    Tag Team championship match :
    Show Spoiler
    Team Hell no (c) vs Rhodes Scholars

    Royal Rumble match :
    Show Spoiler
    Cena , Ryback , Ziggler , Orton , Sheamus , The Miz , Cesaro , Wade and Kofi have been confirmed as participants .
    There have been some rumours about superstars coming back such as Mark Henry , Goldust , Kevin Nash , HHH , Brock Lesnar , The Undertaker , John Morrison , Carlito , Benjamin , Batista or Jericho . Nothing confirmed yet . Need to wait to the RR

    WWE championship match :
    Show Spoiler
    CM Punk(c) vs The Rock (fall counts anywhere )

    Gonna be uploaded on Tuesday . Stay tuned.
  2. Rgbnba's wrestling .
    RR full highlights

    27/1/13 Phoenix
    Preshow : (#1 contender for the diva championship , RR match)
    Show Spoiler

    Josh Mathews and Striker as commentators with Kaitlyn (c).
    Order :
    #1: Layla
    #2: Beth Phoenix
    #3: Aksana
    #4: Alicia Fox
    #5: Natalya
    #6: Naomi
    #7: Cameron
    #8: Rosa
    #9: Tamina
    •Beth Phoenix returns to the WWE.
    •Aksana is eliminated by Natalya , however , she manages to get back in the ring and eliminate Natalya.
    •Cameron eliminates Naomi .
    •At the end , only Layla ,Tamina and Beth are left . Beth and Layla eliminate each other .
    Winner and 1# contender to the title: Tamina .
    Time : 16 minutes 21 seconds
  3. Rodrigo.

    Current Roster:
    Last Actualisation ( According to the show's date ) :26/1/13

    Main eventers :

    Cm Punk. (WWE Champion) (With Paul Heyman)
    John Cena.


    Antonio Cesaro. (USA Champion)
    The Miz.
    Brodus Clay. (With Cameron and Naomi)
    Santino Marella.
    Evan Bourne.
    Brad Maddox

    Main eventers :

    Alberto del rio.(World Heavyweight Champion) ( With Ricardo Rodriguez)
    The Big Show.
    Randy Orton.
    Dolph Ziggler.( With A.J and Big E Langston)


    Wade barret.(IC Champion)
    Kofi Kingston.
    The great Khali.(With Natalya and hornswoggle)
    Zack Ryder.
    Yoshi Tatsu.

    Tag teams:

    Team Hell No. (Daniel Bryan and Kane) (Tag Team Champions )
    Rhodes Scholars. (Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes)
    Rey Mysterio and Sin cara.
    Prime Time Players. (Titus and Darren)
    The Usos.
    Epico and Primo. (With Rosa)


    The shield (Dean Ambrose , Roman Reigns,Seth Rollins)
    3MB (Slater,McIntyre,Mahal)


    Kaitlyn. (Divas Champion)
    A.J Lee
    Alicia Fox.
    Tamina Snuka.

    Part timers:

    The Undertaker.
    Triple H.
    The Rock.

    Authority Figures:

    Vince McMahon. (Chairman)
    Booker T :emoji_slight_frown:GM of Smackdown)
    Vickie Guerrero:emoji_slight_frown:GM of Raw)

    Announce Table :


    Michael Cole
    Jerry "The king" Lawler


    Josh Matthews

    ( It will be actualised every show/PPV)
  4. RR Preshow (Divas Royal Rumble)
    Show Spoiler

    Matthews : Here Josh Matthews and Matt Striker. Welcome everyone to the preshow of what's gonna be a fantastic event !
    Striker: We are about to start , get ready for some Divas action .Here for this match , our special guest and Divas Champion .. Kaitlyn
    Kaitlyn : Hi everyone , it is a pleasure to be here with you guys.
    Striker: The winner of this match will earn a shot to the Divas title . The rules are the same as a typical Royal Rumble match.
    Matthews: Here we go!
    (Theme music )
    Layla walks slowly to the ring , the crowd cheers her.
    Striker: Nonetheless than Layla.
    Kaitlyn: I wouldn't mind if she earns the shot.We have being friends for a lot of time and it would be fun to have a match against her.
    Matthews: And number two is....Aksana!
    Aksana runs into the ring and starts fighting with Layla.
    Matthews: I've notice that we have 8 divas and 9 entrances .. Is there any nxt diva going to make her debut today?
    Striker:Well who knows .. Maybe we have Santino's grilfriend back ?.
    Layla hits a neckbreaker to Aksana.
    Kaitlyn: Number 3 is coming!
    Striker : 3..2..1 Alicia Fox! Alicia fox comes in and helps Layla , who's is trying to eliminate Aksana by throwing her over the top rope.
    Matthews: And Aksana manages herself to stay in the match!
    Striker: Yeah , that was really close!
    Aksana is now sitting in a corner while Layla and Alicia are the ones who are fighting.
    3..2..1 Natalya comes running to the ring.
    Matthews : Natalya .. What an impressive diva , trained by the WWE hall of fame Bret "The hitman" Hart , she's one of the most skilled divas in the roster.
    Kaitlyn: No doubt about it . She always entertains the crowd.
    Alicia Fox and Layla keep trying to eliminate each other while Natalya has focus on eliminating Aksana .
    Striker: It's time for another Diva !
    3..2..1 Naomi shows up and walks to the ring.
    Striker:Naomi! I love this girl! Really talented diva who reached the final of nxt season 3 ..
    Matthews: Naomi was eliminated by Kaitlyn ! Wait! Wait! Aksana! She's gonna be the first eliminated ! She has touch the ground with her foot !
    Aksana is eliminated by Natalya however , any referee notices that she has actually touch the ground and she comes back to the ring . Natalya starts complaining about it and telling it to the referee when Aksana eliminates her from the back .
    Striker : Oh no come on! How in the blue hell? She was eliminated ! By Natalya ! And now is the other way round!.
    Kaitlyn:That wasn't fair at all.
    Striker:Time for more Divas action!
    3...2...1 The music hits and the other funkadactyl runs into the ring.
    Kaitlyn : Cameron! He used to teach me how to dance ! Haha
    Striker:Layla and Aksana still in the match ..
    Matthews:Yeah , we are about to reach the ten minutes of this amazing divas royal rumble match.
    Alicia Fox is eliminated by Cameron and Naomi.
    Matthews: That was teamwork ! They put a great effort and eliminated one of the toughest girl to eliminate. Wait what?!
    Cameron attacks Naomi from the back and eliminates her , and starts laughing at her .
    Striker: How?! What did just happen?And why?!
    Layla suddenly eliminates Cameron. Naomi starts asking Cameron why did she eliminated her . Cameron slaps her and runs to the backstage.
    Matthews:Wow after this shocking moment , only Layla and Aksana are left in the match.
    3...2..1 Primo's theme song hits and Rosa comes out dancing.
    Striker: From Puerto Rico .. Rossaaaa !
    Matthews:What a body ! What a way of moving it! I love her!
    Kaitlyn: Dude , you need a girlfriend ..
    Striker:emoji_slight_frown:laughing)so true .Watch out! Watch out!
    Matthews:Aksana and Rosa trying to eliminate Layla .. But they cannot ...Layla stays in the match.
    Striker: Impressive move by rosa with that flying kick to Aksana's face.
    Striker:We have two entrances left!
    3...2...1 Tamina's theme song hits and she come running to the ring . Hits Rosa with a tackle and Aksana with a backbreaker.
    Matthews: Tamina is such as a powerful diva ! What do you think about her Kaitlyn?
    Kaitlyn:Such as an impressive diva..
    Matthews:All divas have already shown up who's gonna debut tonight?Will she earn a title shot?
    Kaitlyn:Can't wait to see who's her!
    Matthews:Wow! Tamina connects a Frog Splash ! That gotta hurt! Poor Rosa!
    Striker:Tamina is completely dominating right now! Look ! She's gonna eliminate Aksana !
    Aksana is eliminated by Tamina Snuka.
    Matthews : Layla and Tamina are now in the middle while Rosa is recovering from that move by Tamina.. As we reach the final countdown.. We are gonna know who's the last participant of this match!
    Striker:Can't wait!
    Matthews:5..4..3..2..1 What the hell?!
    Striker: Are you kidding me!!
    Kaitlyn: Cannot believe this....Oh no..
    Matthews: (shouting) My God Beth is back! Beth Phoenix is back! What a surprise!
    Beth runs to the ring and body slams Layla and Tamina .
    Kaitlyn:Wow , just Wow.
    Striker: And know Beth tosses Rosa out of the ring !
    Matthews:The final three ! The final three! Layla,Beth and Tamina.
    The crowd starts cheering Layla.Kaitlyn stands up.
    The three of them look at Kaitlyn .
    Matthews:What a great moment !
    Suddenly , Tamina turns back and starts hitting Layla.Layla tries to cover herself from all those punches and kicks from Tamina.
    Matthews: Be careful Layla! You are getting closer to the ropes !
    Half of Layla's body is already over the ropes and Tamina keeps trying to eliminate her. She turns back and asks Beth for help , who is just watching .
    Layla eliminates Tamina with an hurricana due to Tamina's distraction .
    Striker:What and smart move ! Oh no!
    Beth pushes Layla out of the ring and wins the match .
    Matthews:I guess Beth was more intelligent , therefore ...she won! What a great match! And what a wrestler ! Beth Phoenix just won a shot !
    Kaitlyn raises the title as Beth points at it .
    Matthews: Well that's all ! We got Beth returning to the WWE and winning the match ! It's time for the RR PPV ! Thank you all !
    Striker:Thank you !

    Winner and first contender to the Divas Championship :Beth Phoenix
    Length of the match : 17' 25''
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