Rhodes/Cesaro feud?

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  1. Dusty, not Cody

    What can Dusty do? I'd jizz if Cesaro gave him a Neutralizer :lol1:
  2. Cesaro neutralizing the American dream? I am down for that.
  3. Well, him Neutralizing Dusty would be pretty good, I suppose. Nothing wrong there.
  4. Cesaro Neutralizing Dusty?
    Yeah, why not fondle a 60 year old man's dick?
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  5. WWE Legend Taunts Antonio Cesaro

  6. RE: WWE Legend Taunts Antonio Cesaro

    Already posted Please do some research before posting recent news since it might already be posted. Also try to keep it in the relevant section, Cesaro is Smackdown talent (on the Smackdown section of the roster on WWE.com) and thus this should be in the Smackdown section. I'll move it and merge it with the original thread. @JohnCenaFan
  7. I wouldn't mind seeing Antonio Cesaro neutralizing Dusty Rhodes.
  8. Dusty baby
  9. If Cesaro did end up doing this I have his new nickname right here. The American Nightmare.
  10. lol'd at first, but after thinking about it, it kinda makes sense. It would get Cesaro a lot of heat
  11. I'm in for the Ameeeeeeericaaahahaaaan Dreeeeeheeeheeeeeeeeaaaamm..

  12. I literally lol'd :lol1:
  13. Would be funny to see the neutralizer, but we don't want to see another heart attack. lol
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