Rhodes feels he is ready for the World title.

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  1. Please...
  2. Its a legit interview, but there are alot of options to be world champion.
  3. He was ready in 2011, now he needs to be rebuilt before going near it. He's a good talent but he isn't ready as a character yet.
  4. I think Rhodes and Sandow are both ready to split and go their separate ways to do bigger and better things. They're a good makeshift team if their purpose is to give the weak tag team division one more team, but with the Shield holding the belts, you can forget about them getting a title shot, much less winning it. There's really little point to them remaining together at this point.
  5. Please WWE. Don't fuck everything up as you usually do. Give Rhodes that fucking championship!

  6. This. Plus I doubt it's going to happen any time soon. He's way down in the pecking order... Bryan, Ziggler, Ryback, Orton, Punk, Sheamus, Miz, Shield.. etc. all heads and shoulders above Rhodes atm
  7. Well, I really wish they did something with him that could lead him to the WHC, would be nice to see. But he's got to be rebuilt from the point he's in.
  8. Yes! I've wanted him in the main event picture since Dashing Cody Rhodes.
  9. I think he deserves a championship opportunity down the line. Unfortunately his character isn't being pushed nearly as much as other talent at the moment, but hopefully he'll get an opportunity down the line once Team Rhodes Scholars is over with.
  10. He's been ready to become a world champion in my eyes,he's one of the greatest assets WWE holds right now. Hopefully he'll get a world title push soon.
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  11. He deserves to get his push, WWE should have done better with him on many occasions before.
  12. He definitely has the potential to deserve it, and back in 2012 it was downright criminal that he didn't get a world title. Unfortunately he's been ruined non-stop since then and his performances haven't been as good either, which I can understand. Why would you give 100% effort when Creative has no interest in using you as anything more than the second half of a jobber tag team and the butt of mustache puns (and that's the best he's been given). They should give him a legitimate mid-card push and see how Cody reacts to it. If we get the Cody from 2011/early 2012, build him up to win Money in the Bank next year. But he shouldn't get any sort of big push until then, nice one Creative!
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  13. i 100% agree, but he's a rhodes and it seems WWE is hellbent on fucking him over because of his brother/father. I know Dusty is in NXt, but i dont see him where he deserves to be in the company. Maybe im wrong.

    I'm not giving rhodes the belt until id build him for a year, his characters have been bad, and people who love the dashing rhodes are on the right track....just thank god his lisp is somehow gone. He should hook Swag up.

    Also learn to inbox/skype you southern mother fucker, join the Fantasy league D'z decided to setup in JUNE, and expect montee ball to be a badass. Lacy should work out ok.
  14. Inbox? Considering joining NWO and Kliq too. You said ask Nazi, so we're waiting on her. Skype? Lol hell, every time I get on there shit's way out of hand.

    Setting it up in June is fine, getting ready to join so my RB's can give you free wins again, Flacco > Montee Ball, and thanks for the usertitle suggestion.
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  15. anything for a friend. Pal. buddy. Guy. Fella.
  16. Cody was definitely ready and deserving in 2011. But other guys caught on fire and he got pushed down the pecking order and his current character needs some salvaging. I'd say a face turn is in order. A well built face Cody who turns at the right time could get over well and he could be built as a strong up and comer. Then he could start the slow transcendance into the low/full main event scene
  17. He was ready a couple years ago, but now, there are too many people above him imo. They will need to repackage him to put him back on the level of Ziggler and such, as his character now is the most boring it has been in years. I really liked his hooded gimmick to be honest, and his dashing gimmick. Cody would be an awful face imo, keep him as a heel and repackage him as he's not a stranger to getting heat. It's much harder now in WWE to push a new face to the top of the pecking order as well, unless they catch on fire with the crowd like Daniel Bryan has.
  18. I think they burned through Dashing/Undashing waaay too fast. Both were good gimmicks and these days he's Brogue Kick fodder and his character is having a mustache, sad. Really hope they do good things with him.
  19. Tbh he was ready a long time ago, and still is, he just needs a push and a good feud to keep him on championship level
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