Rhodes vs Big Show or Justin Gabriel

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by DBasher, Feb 23, 2012.

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  1. I don't know about anyone else but I like Justin Gabriel, I think he has a bright future and deserves a push. While he was kinda fueding with Rhodes a bit ago that died and now it looks like Rhodes is going to be fueding with Show...in my opinion Rhodes vs Gabriel would be a much better fued than Rhodes vs Show.
    What do you guys think?
  2. Justin Gabriel at Wrestlemania? Im starting to loose all hope for this forum.
  3. Definitely Gabriel. Could be another really good wrestling match on the card, but if facing Big Show means Show won't be in the MITB match then Show.
  4. NO! It should be Cody vs. Goldust for the IC at WM28!
  5. They've abandoned it from the looks of things.
  6. As a big Cody Rhodes fan, I say forget Big Show AND Justin Gabriel. Have Cody face someone like Randy Orton except there isn't a lot of superstars that acquire Randy's role as this dude who puts over people amazingly.
  7. What would Cody gain if he beat Gabriel? Zero, none. On the other hand, if he beats Show, he could gain a lot. So, Show definitely.
  8. But since when does Show put people over like Rhodes? I agree however, if Show was to lose cleanly then definitely Show even though the match quality would be lacking.
  9. ^


    I believe this is Rhodes talking to Show 'bout WM matches, right? Correct me if wrong, I don't watch WWE often anymore, just here and there. If the match happens, there is no doubt in my mind who would get over in that match. Show ain't egomaniac, I believe.
  10. Exactly Cody Rhodes needs a big opponent in a PPV soon after Wrestlemania. I think it should be his year!
  11. GOLDUST! Brother vs. Brother for the IC at WM28!
  12. Exactly what I wanted @[Randy Savage]

  14. I wanted that to happen too. But as far as i know Goldust turned it down because he didnt want to play second fiddle to Cody. And im glad he did. If Goldust does come back he should come back to win, not loose and make a mockery like booker T. My respect for the man has increased.
  15. I wasn't necessarily talking about WM in was just talking a fued in general. At WM I agree that it should be Goldust vs Rhodes but I don't think that would happen. And when talking about fueding in general I think Gabriel would be better just because Rhodes vs Show would be a match of poor quality and whiles Rhodes is a great wrestler I think it'd be hard for people to believe that he could beat Show in a clean 1-2-3 victory.
  16. So a guy who hasn't wrestled for ages on TV, is old, shouldn't put over a talent younger than him and better than him in every way? I forgot you had a fetish for the old wrestlers.

  17. Apparently thats what all the fans want.
    Goldust is old? hes 41 years old. There are wrestlers who have hit their peak at that age.
    I dont see even a single aspect in which Cody Rhodes is better than Goldust.
    I forgot u have a fetish for "young talents" (pedophilia?), i also know u think wwe is ROH, a stepping stone for young talents, or something like that, but no thats not how things work here, and no matter how much u rage thats not how things will work.
    Thats is why HHH and Big Show got 10x fans than Miz and AJ Styles combined.
  18. Definitely Big Show. He is a bigger name and more popular than Justin Gabriel, and as already pointed out, Rhodes would have a lot more to gain by beating Show than he would by beating Gabriel. Of course, the problem there is that if they end up fighting, Show will almost certainly win. Rhodes has been mocking Show's WM losing streak, which is likely an obvious set-up for Show to beat Rhodes to score his first one-on-one victory at Wrestlemania.
  19. Naa, I'd say Gabriel.
    Show vs Rhodes feud would be boring.
    Show being angry all the time, coming after Rhodes who runs away, and out of nowhere a kick or something.

  20. What if Big Show actually put Rhodes over like Rey Mysterio did last year?
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