WrestleMania Rhodes vs Big Show

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  1. Looks like they're going to go ahead and push this feud for Wrestlemania and not use the feud all of us want to see (Rhodes vs Goldust).

    How's it going to go down then? Mysterio put Rhodes over last year, will Big Show do the same?
  2. Probably not, in an ideal world he'd put him over clean three PPV's in a row. Show always has some form of credibility from his size alone. They'll probably have Cody go over at Mania then show wins at ER similar to Rey last year. It kind of puts him over I suppose.
  3. Not expecting the good match or anything good whatsoever, but it'd be nice to see Rhodes pick up the victory. I really can't see Show winning.
  4. To be honest I can. This whole feud is based around Cody taking the piss out of Big Show's record. Isn't it set in stone for Big Show to overcome the embarrassment at WM?
  5. Like Vince said recently to the writers: "Nothing is eched in stone!"
    I don't know, logicly Show, hopefully Rhodes. I still can't believe how Cody turned the table around in his corner since 2010 or so. He went from being the skinny ass lolboy to being a great promo man and very decent in ring. He ran with the opportunity given to him and kudos for that.
  6. Definitely. Last year there were also numerous reports saying Vince didn't think Cody had what it takes to main-event, but Cody is definitely proving his worth. If anyone looked like a main-eventer in their tag-team match last night it was definitely Cody Rhodes.
  7. Big Show has to lose somehow.
  8. Since Rhodes is mocking Big Show's Wrestlemania losing streak, then the logical conclusion is that Show defeats Rhodes... Although I really don't look forward to Big Show as IC Champion, and a countout or DQ victory won't happen.
  9. Actually the more I think about it, the more I think it's certain Show is winning. He'll be IC champion as a boring squashing face, but a big name so it keeps the IC title prestigious, Rhodes will be pushed to the main-event and the whole embarrassing Big Show thing is over.

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