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  1. I've been wanting to see a face Rhodes for a while now, and at MITB he was clearly over and ended in a way where they could easily turn him
    I would like him to feud with sandow as a face. And sandow put the briefcase on the line at summerslam
    Or would you rather it was a heel vs heel feud and Rhodes doesn't suit face?
  2. Given the story that was told at MITB (and the subtle hints beforehand), he has to be the face in this storyline. Besides, I've been wanting to see him as a face for a while, not to mention Sandow can't be a face with this gimmick, at least not for now.
  3. Face. He NEEDS to be face. He was at the bottom of the roster at the Pre Show and just a match changed it all. Watch it again. His connection with the crowd was awesome. At the end of the match, The crowd was cheering for Rhodes instead of for Ambrose and the Shield when they came out. He has never been face since his debut, and he will be so fresh. I expect/wish/beg a push
  4. What you said is what I think will happen tbh.
  5. He debuted as a face actually,granted he was only a face a couple of weeks.
  6. Hopefully after last nights events and the crowd reaction to him, they will have Cody on RAW tonight, and then hopefully he will get another good crowd reaction, then they can think about turning him face properly with a fued with Sandow and hopefully give him a push as well, get him away from dwelling down on the lower/mid card as he had been
  7. Lets go Cody chants ftw and for a boner
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  8. That'd be dope.
  9. After last night, there is no doubt he is going face with this feud. I pondered the idea of Sandow trying to talk Cody into believing that it was every man for himself and that it just business and not personal when he pushed him off the ladder, but the almost smug look Sandow gave Cody as he walked off with the briefcase alone makes me think that won't happen. I don't think Cody will just run out and attack Sandow or anything. Most likely, he'll try to come to an understanding of Sandow's actions since it WAS every man for himself but then Sandow will slam the briefcase into the back of his head tonight (or on Smackdown) and then lay in a deeper beat down on him to help Cody make the full transition to being a baby face.
  10. Face, He could work great as a face.
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