News Rhyno says he'd like to play a character where he'd portray Cena's biggest fan

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Oct 24, 2015.

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    Even though that role is already taken by VKM, pretty sure he wouldn't mind Rhyno doing it, too. lol
    This could be hilarious and definitely sounds a hundred times better than Rusev/DZ/Lana/Summer garbage we had to watch up until last week. :bodallas:
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  2. Gimmick infringement on the real
  3. Rhyno becomes Cena's lacky until he turns on him leading to WM 32 match for the US title.

    Sounds nice, to me.
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  6. But seriously, it would be something new to see so why not. It is not like this one storyline would cost them HUGE ratings or anything..
  7. I wouldn't mind seeing this angle with cena. At least it would be different.
  8. I do hope rhino realizes, however, that #cenawins will be all over his ass by the time this feud is over.
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  9. That's kinda a no-brainer :smirk2:
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  10. Rhyno using a mickey james gimmick lol. Give him the pigtails and i'm on board
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  11. TBF wasn't his gimmick when he debuted that he was a brute with fanatic tendencies? One of the first things he said in the WWE was "I'll bleed for you, Kurt" or something like that
  12. I think it was a mercenary gimmick. He was Steph's butt buddy during that time, too. He would attack for and be loyal to anyone who acquired his services? idk.
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