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  2. Yeah, the doctors didn't let him do it. Thank God he actually listened for once.

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  3. Yeah, good for him that he wasn't hurt or anything. Could've been a big, big problem.
  4. Inb4 This. :pity1:


    Oh, wait. There's no blood in WWE anymore. :pity1:
  5. Good for him... I want him to live a few more years ..
  6. Thank god for that, now please don't try to do it again Naitch.
  7. It's been confirmed by those in Japan that Ric Flair did suffer a blood clot in his left leg while in Japan. He was examined in the emergency room before the All Japan show on Saturday and they wanted him to check into the hospital.

    He refused to check in and went to the show at the Ota Ward Gym, and ended up managing Keiji Muto & Reid Flair against Seiya Sanada & Tatsumi Fujinami.

    He is flying back to the U.S. today as opposed to checking into the hospital after the show, and is still scheduled to be doing a series of autograph signings this week in Las Vegas.
  8. Stupid in my opinion to not accept going to the hospital by Flair. Flying with blood cloths is potentially bad due to pressure changes.
  9. Yeah, he should really see a doctor about that. :sad:
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