Ric Flair possibly Mentoring Miz?

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  1. Some rumors have come out over probably the last few days about Ric Flair returning to mentor the Miz, this would make way more sense than an Evolution thing seeing as he swore his allegiance to the Shield. I was just curious on how people think this will play out in the long run, hypothetically speaking of course.


    The Miz and Ric Flair have had their differences in the past if I recall so I'm not sure as to the legitimacy of this rumor by any means especially since it's coming from the internet.

    There's also some buzz going around that Ric Flair actually wants to be the mentor to Dolph Ziggler, he seems him as a true top tier superstar with massive amounts of potential as a main event player, but that's where the WWE apparently came in and are possibly coming up with these different plans.

    Although there was that tag team rumored awhile back between Dolph and Miz so perhaps that will actually happen with the mentorship of Flair behind them.

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    There's a few others out there I just didn't feel like sharing every single one of them, felt like two would be decent.​
  2. I like this idea.

    Of course, I like Flair, I like Dolph, and I kinda like Miz.

    So, all around good thing for me.

  3. A choice between re-pushing Miz, a guy who has won the WWE championship, numerous other titles, MITB, main-evented Mania, but still is completely irrelevant, or pushing Ziggler, who has had Foley, Bob Holly and Jeff Jarrett recently call for him to be pushed. Tough choice.
  4. :ohgod: no please no
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  5. Im thinking this will be a tag team mentored by flair rather than one as opposed to the other, we should find out here shortly i suppose whenever Miz gets back.
  6. Much rather have DZ instead of The Jizz.
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  7. Urgh. This idea sounds tuuurrible. For one, it means wasting Ric Flair's managerial services on The Miz. For another, it means keeping The Miz as a babyface despite how naturally unlikeable he is, and wasn't he just recently playing a heel in his segment with Hogan and Schwarzenegger as early as a couple of months ago? (Yes, he was.) And thirdly, I envision Flair and Ziggler having far more chemistry with one another than Flair and Miz. They already share a couple of similar personality traits and mannerisms with one another. Not that I'm 100% pushing for a Flair/Ziggler pairing, but it's definitely preferable to a Flair/Miz one, especially if Flair is calling for it in real life.

    Sgt. Slaughter, too.
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  8. Hmm I just heard DZ's contract is up in July, can anyone confirm that? Maybe that's why they're going with the Miz instead because the WWE isn't planning on resigning DZ at the moment?
  9. They would be mentally challenged to not resign DZ.
  10. They would be mentally challenged to job DZ out every week and use him like shit. Oh wait.
  11. Oh I agree entirely, but what use is it to have a highly paid superstar on your roster jobbing every now and then when you just lost $842 million dollars between middle of may and Wrestlemania XXX?

    I assumed if they let him go they would resign him eventually if he didn't find a new promotion and were in need of someone desperately who could draw. I know he loves the WWE though a LOT and most likely would prefer not to work for other companies on a permanent basis.
  12. That's why they need to give him Flair instead of The Jizz.
  13. Who is to say Ziggler wants to resign? I doubt he wouldn't, but maybe he wants to pull a Christian and go become the big fish in a small pond by signing with TNA. Funnily enough, Christian was jobbed out just as much in 2004/2005 before he left as Ziggler himself has been for the past few years.
  14. Exactly, but the whole thing is the WWE does not want to abide by Flair's wishes in wanting to work with Dolph and instead they feel Flair and Miz should be back together, haha I wish they would realize what's actually best for business sometimes.
  15. I've heard more DZ -> ROH talks then i have DZ -> TNA talks.
    No doubt he would be a big fish in either of those ponds though.
  16. Or what people ACTUALLY want to see. But that's been a problem for years now.
  17. Yes that is true..
    For me though I'll never get what I actually want to see so I have to take the WWE for what it is.
  18. WWE has most of the time impressed me when I had doubt. But to have Flair with Miz would make me waaaaayyyyy too unimpressed.
  19. Fuck Flair.

    I'd be cool with DZ and The Miz tag team, though.

    And yeah, WWE would be stupid not to resign Ziggler.
  20. I've heard these rumors, and... good grief, I'm happy I don't normally buy these rumors anymore because this sounds horrible. Didn't they try to do a protege angle with Flair and Miz a while back? Didn't it fail miserably? Damn it. Every time Miz put on a Figure 4 I cringed. He can be very good as a heel, yeah, but I don't see Flair as a heel these days. Don't need to put Flair with Miz and it wouldn't work. If he got with Ziggler it'd be alright.
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