News Ric Flair returning... again?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. What role would you give him this time?
  2. WTF WWE shouldnt even have anything to do with Ric Flair hes a mess and what the fuck was the point of that retirement episode for him when hes been coming back so many times
  3. A random old man that gets more chances than the old guys.. owait.
  4. He could create a tag team with The Miz. Team figure 4 leg lock! :woo1:
  5. :eww:
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  6. I know, then they'll feud and Miz they'll have a contract vs contract match that of course, the nature boy will win! :woo1:
  7. Let's not sully this thread about one of the greatest ever with Miz talk.

    Back on topic, they should have Flair be a manager. Kind of be the JJ Dillon of this generation. Maybe bring in the next group from NXT as "his" guys. Never hurts to learn from Ric.
  8. This would be good. Him as a GM or manager would be great, as long as he doesn't enter the ring it'll be fine.
  9. But he's "Woo!"ing on a jail cell the last time!

    ...And hog TV time!
  10. Flair a random old man?

    Ric can still be used really well and it isn't even difficult. Have Miz pick up the US title from Ambrose then have Flair entice him with the lavish life of a Champion. Even mention his slide from Mania main event to a curtain jerker and how Miz needs to take any opportunity to reclaim his rightful spotlight. Miz on a slow burn heel turn leading into a Mania feud against RVD works if Bob is still chilling around that time.
  11. There's always a GM there to hog TV time, so it may as well be Flair, if it's not him it's Maddox or Vickie or whatever. And as a manager he'd be with a young superstar who could use it if I'd pick so I don't see that as a problem.
  12. They should leave him alone, he already worsens my viewing as it is. Then they paired him up with Miz, well you know how bad that is.
  13. I wouldn't mind seeing Ric on WWE TV again, but only as a manager or GM-type. I mean, Maddox and Vickie were Vince's picks to run Raw and Smackdown. What if HHH picked Ric and HBK for those jobs?

  14. That would be awesome.:xanth:
  15. Shawn Michaels lost a retirement match but he also still appears on TV.
  16. Flair, HHH, HBK.
  17. I understand they want to use him for merch and PR, but does he need to be on my TV? Just keep him to house shows or Main Event or shit like that. Do I want to see him as a GM? no. A Manager? no. An announcer? no. A wrestler? .... hmm, well... ok, no. He serves no purpose as an on screen character.
  18. I could get behind him having a Paul Heymn-esque group of guys he manages. Kind of like a new "Evolution" group. Imagine being able to say you are a "Ric Flair guy". Could be interesting.
  19. Lol he can't play the lottery? What kinda deal is that?
  20. No he had a Ric Flair scratch and win ticket in which he received some of the profits.
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