Ric Flair to appear at Smackdown

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by posiimage, Sep 13, 2014.

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  1. WWE Hall Of Famer Ric Flair is being advertised to appear at the WWE SmackDown television taping on Tuesday night in Biloxi, Mississippi.

    Flair is in the local advertisements for the event as a special referee for a Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton match, which if it takes place, since advertising of special matches has been hit and miss lately, it will likely be a dark match.
  2. Lol, who gives a shit. Fuck Flair
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  3. fkin rude
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  4. Oh, boo-hoo. This ain't PG, go cry me a river.
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  5. Flair is good.
  6. Flair is a drunk fuck who needs to get his shit together. No wonder why Vince is so against Flair being on TV.
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  8. I predict he'll be drunk off his ass again while officiating the match. Too bad we won't get to witness it if it's a dark match, though. :woo1:
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  9. All Flair has to do is elbow his jacket and it'll be the best thing on Smackdown.
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  10. Him officiating the match would be a sight to see. I hope it doesn't end up being a dark match, though. I would truly be... :upset:
  11. Reigns vs Orton.. a dark match? Hmm maybe but I don't think so.. both of them are working NoC I would imagine it is a televised match.
  12. I'm fond of Flair occasional appearances myself, as he normally does today. Nothing wrong with Naitch being crazy on a show, it's usually a good segment. :dawg:
  13. lol

    I'd be pretty cool if Flair, Hogan or Batista never came back again. Just because I genuinely cannot stand them.
  14. I'm fine with Hogan/Flair making occasional appearances, not really a Hogan fan but it doesn't hurt. Flair I enjoy, at least when he elbow drops his jacket. Batista is a wonderful heel, can't wait for him to return.
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  15. Bootista can't bloody wrestle.
  16. Well, he's had good matches over the years. Granted he came back terrible against Del Rio, but he took part on the WM Triple Threat plus all those 6-person tag matches with the Shield, and it's not like he came off as terrible then. He's a fine performer for his age, and his promo work/overall demeanor (including the terrible outfits and slurring his words in promos) make him great to watch.
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  17. I agree on Flair and Hogan, but not Batista. He's an excellent heel and as long as he's fitted into the right role (i.e. tapping out to Bryan and putting him over, reforming Evolution to put over The Shield, maybe even a very short face run to battle and lose to Brock Lesnar when he returns, etc.), he's an asset imo.
  18. Guess you have a point there.
    Also, they don't need to give him scripts, by giving those to Dave, his promos are just meh.
    Just watched Batista on NXT (back in June), that stuff was comedy gold.
  19. He should add knife edge chopping his ref shirt into his repertoire.
  20. I dont know why they keep putting him on tv :notsure:
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