News Ric Flair to be his daughter Charlotte's mouthpiece?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Aug 29, 2014.

  1. Interesting idea. We all know Flair could promo his ass off back in the day. Could he be the 'Paul Hayman to Charlotte's Lesnar' as stated in the article? I am looking forward to seeing it myself.

  2. Urgh, no thanks. I actually enjoyed Charlotte's mic work this week. Instead of relying on others to carry her, maybe they should give her more opportunites to get mic time- the more practice she gets, then (in theory) the more she improves.
  3. Yeah, but they could let her move away from her dad eventually. I mean, what better rub can you get than Ric Flair being your dad right? Imagine if Brooke Hogan became a wrestler. She could completely suck and Hogan smarks would go crazy if he just managed her I bet.
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  4. Have any of the female wrestlers had a mouthpiece before? Frankly I haven't seen it but I haven't been watching as long. Either way it seems like an interesting idea and it could switch up her character a bit as she hits the main roster. I think it's worth a try!
  5. Good point. I can't say I remember any divas having a mouthpiece before. Other than maybe their kayfabe boyfriend talking them up.
  6. I'd like to see Flair be her mouthpiece for a while....hell, I'd love to be her mouthpiece..... know what I mean!?!?!?!?
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  7. That would be slightly less lamer than what Heyman does for Brock Lesnar. No thanks.
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  8. I don't exactly think she need's to be on the microphone, why not have her just wrestle all the time? It's no big deal in my opinion but I would like to see one diva not be a trash talker, or have someone to do the trash talking for them.

    However, Being open minded to the idea o a legend pushing a diva, I am all for it.
  9. I was waiting to see your reply Butters, you being such an NXT fan. Did you like the rumor of Bailey taking the belt off her at the next Takeover?
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  10. You might strip me from my NXT crown, But i missed the last two episodes. (Catching up tonight!)

    I am 100% behind bailey gaining that gold, she's worked pretty hard and if Charlotte is the next to go up to the main roster, I think the NXT women's roster will be in safe hands. Just as long as they don't make Becky Lynch a jobber.
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  11. No, please explain

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  12. Bayley get's the belt. I'm completely fine with that.
  13. Flair before going out to cut a promo:
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  14. They should bring Flair out with Renee just after Paige & AJ is over. who ever the heel is, comes out after Flair talks dirty about them or something. Lets assume it's paige, she comes out and is disgusted this old rubber man thinks that about her/the WWE Diva champion of the world. She actually assaults him/with the belt. Charlotte's theme hits and she charges to the ring and knocks the living shit out of the heel to show how strong she is, hopeful pop and we get a good feud out of it.

    (ps. Charlotte's theme should start with her woo'ing in a low sexual/angry tone to show off her personality and her legacy.)

  15. What they should do is have her build herself and win matches to the point of a title match, and have Flair come out to her corner before her big match. That would be some serious pop.
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  16. I approve
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