News Ric Flair to Undergo Another Surgery

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  1. Ric Flair’s health still remains in “critical” condition following his surgery earlier this week.

    It was originally reported that Flair underwent colon surgery, but his girlfriend Wendy Barlow denied the reports of Flair having colon surgery. We do know that his kidneys shut down and he had to be put on dialysis with the hope that his kidneys will begin to work again on their own.

    While the outlook is not as dire as it was a few days ago, Flair’s situation is still considered critical as he is also dealing with an infection that has either not been completely diagnosed yet or that has not been remedied. Flair’s family was all called to the hospital and right now everything is just waiting to see if he can fight off the infection.

    There are also reports that Flair may have to undergo at least one more surgery in the coming weeks. We will keep you updated on his condition.

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