Ric Flair "wanting" to compete in the WWE again.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zamorakian, Apr 1, 2012.

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  2. RE: Ric Flair responding to the fans "I'd like to"

    Have you messed up the thread or is that it? Lol
  3. RE: Ric Flair responding to the fans "I'd like to"

    It's just about Ric Flair wanting to compete in the WWE again but yeah seems like it is completely messed up, sorry.
  4. Oh okay the original title was he responded to that.

    Not sure if I want to see Flair in WWE to be honest, unless he managed someone.
  5. I don't mind them teaming him up with Batista and going for the Tag Titles to give the Tag Titles some sort of recognition and value again, that could be a good scenario.
  6. There was a big retirement ceremony for a reason. Ric is old and about as awkward in the ring as Khali right now. Manager maybe, but that is it. If I had my choice though I'd say live out his days in TNA and leave it at that.
  7. I;d rather him retire in WWE and put someone over like Ziggler or Rhodes.
  9. Meh, as much as I hate old guys taking spotlights I'd like to see Flair again managing someone.
  10. Sorry Ric, but fans of the PG era doesn't seem to know you. Better stay at TNA and wrestle until your death there.
  11. Take away the overtanned man tits and forget the fact that you know he is 90 years old and he actually is still a decent worker.

    That being said, no thanks. I wish he could afford to retire, but sadly I think he will be involved with wrestling until the day he dies because of his financial situation
  12. Ric doesn't need to come back. He already effed up his legacy in the WWE by going to TNA.
  13. I don't think TNA effed up his legacy. He'll be in most people's top 10 of all time list.
  14. I don't see how he's messed up his legacy, anyone else would have after his retirement but this is Flair. He's been retiring since at least 94 and as Dolph says he can still work to a certain standard and his promos are great. He could help build someone.
  15. Fuck no, unless he came back in a non-wrestling role. I think WWE were the ones who more or less 'forced' him to retire in the first place because of his old age (Flair mentioned that in an interview once.)
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