Ric Flair was drunk on Raw

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Apr 29, 2014.

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  1. Ric Flair was drunk on Raw he was sluring his words during that promo. He didnt seem all there seriously this guy is a mess he cant even stay sober for an appearance on Raw. Just go back to Charlotte, North Carolina Ric and stay there
  2. No shit sherlock.
  3. I haven't seen RAW yet, but doesn't this guy always turn up on RAW and fuck something up? :notsure:
  4. Of course, because he never talks like that. Never. Nope.
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  5. Maybe they should fire someone for not controlling him...
  6. OP is slurring on her words.... What does that mean?

    Flair just talks like that.
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  7. Someone was drunk for a wrestling show?? Blasphemy!
  8. Good Ol' JR already got the ax for just that very reason (undeservingly so, imo.)
  9. Right, that's what I was referring to. I might go to RAW June 16th and if I do, I'm makin' a sign that says FIRE FLAIR, HIRE J.R. or something like that lol
  10. Do it... even though you can likely bet that that's a sign asking to be confiscated.
  11. When I went to RAW ten years ago, the only person that was confiscating signs was some lady in a chair outside the actual ring area making sure there were no curse words on any signs before we walked in. She didn't look like a wrestling fan or nothin' lol. You're saying after I get into the arena, sit down, and hold the sign up, that's when they'd come by to confiscate it?
  12. It's not 2004 though, times have changed for the worse.
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  13. As soon as someone backstage spots it on camera, they may instruct someone to walk to your area and snatch it away from you if they don't want it being seen on television. You never know. People have had signs taken away for less than what you're suggesting here.
  14. Damn.
  15. Yeah, he seemed drunk. Nothing new.
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  16. He's a grown man, he's not a kid or babysitter so there's isn't that much the WWE can do about it if he was drunk.
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  17. Lol one can fire an employee for being intoxicated. Not saying they will, but if they wanted to, they could just avoid having Flair on Tv from now on.
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  18. They should have avoided having him on the show this week. :pipebomb:
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  19. I was referring to how J.R. got fired because Flair was drunk at the 2K14 conference thing.
  20. Best comment in this thread.
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