Ric Flair wrestling for AJPW, perhaps even full time

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by leojay, Jan 3, 2013.

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  2. Make that paper :woo1:
  3. That's the greatest news I've heard in awhile. WOOOOOOOOOO! God bless Mutoh, that suave and crafty businessman.
  4. Seriously? I wanted him in the WWE.

  5. It's not full time, he's there to promote his son, and having a match cause he can lol. :woo1:
  6. Oh, in the title it said 'perhaps even full time' so I thought. :bury:
  7. It says "active competitor" in the report, so I guessed it implied full time.
  8. He hasn't officially got a contract yet by the WWE at the moment. However, I think he will be signing to them.
  9. Bleeeeeeeeeeeeeed flair....BLEED!!!!!
  10. Reid Flair was signed by AJPW, so Flair is going over there to help his son out and have a match or three. But you never know with Flair, he might start bleeding, and wooing, and decide to stay for good.

  11. Some people don't know when to give up. :bury:
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