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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 27, 2013.

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  1. Reports are saying he'll be back in the coming weeks on live TV. Reports also said that he is done with The Miz (evidently), so what would you do with him leading to Wrestlemania?
  2. Flair vs. Punk.
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  3. Put Maddox in the figure four, make Vickie ride Space Mountain, then become the sole GM.
  4. Ric Flair versus CM Punk seems plausible. They kinda jump started something back in December/January between them (or maybe reports just said they were about to) that never got a pay off. Some people even believed reports that they might face at Elimination Chamber. I had a good laugh at those people (no offense if you are one of those people, gentle reader.) Could work as part of the build towards Punk vowing to end the streak, by attacking another legend who himself failed to kill the streak (a brawl, not an actual match. WWE won't let him wrestle again, thankfully.)

    Another possibility is getting destroyed by Lesnar as part of the build towards HHH/Brock. Don't forget about much Triple H respects and worships Flair and thus how hard he'd take it if Brock completely destroyed him.

    Don't see him doing both.
  5. I don't mind Punk beating his ass, but with WWE booking you'd probably have him come off best in a dirty way OR have him come off worse... -.-
  6. Isn't Flair's daughter in WWE developmental? Perhaps he could manager her and bring some much needed attention to the divas division. I'd also like to see him manage Ziggler like many of us said earlier. Another thing would be him turning on Miz and saying he doesn't deserve his move.
  7. :yes: but you already knew I'd like that :adr:
  8. Well, I don't know. I'm happy to see Flair there, didn't really like his stuff with Miz anyway, so I can't see how him returning would hurt.
  9. He could manage Dolph's. :yay:

    Bye AJ and Ryblack.
  10. Flair and Dolphs would be funny, not sure how they'll type it out though.
  11. Him vs Ziggler would be the ultimate one for DZ..

    Then a GM role, period.
  12. This. I really couldn't care less about Ric Flair, so unless he's getting obliterated by Lesnar I'd rather him not show up at all. Even that has a slight problem though, as it's essentially the same thing that happened in the build towards their SummerSlam match, only replacing Shawn for Flair (which is just a shift in the relationship dynamic for Trips) but meh.
  13. Not being a fan of Flair myself I wouldn't use him. If I had to, maybe he could manage Dolph as others have suggested or have him come back as a Guest host? I did like the idea of Brock Lesnar attacking him though to create heat for him and Trips.
  14. You have to know they're gonna go there, though. They have six more shows of build for this match, and even though Brock isn't scheduled to be on all of the Raw shows, he should at least be on most of them.

    Another awesome segment would be if Stephanie came onto the show for one night and Brock threatened to attack her as well. I think it'd be a great way to play mind games with HHH by tying him up in the ropes or handcuffing him and then approaching Steph, only to smile and then back away from her, 'sparing' her in a way. It's a great way to torment Triple H by showing him that he could have seriously injured her if he wanted to, but he let her go. (Instead, he makes her watch him destroy her defenseless husband instead.)
  15. Steph being on the receiving end of an F5, resulting in a wardrobe malfunction, would definitely rekindle my interest in this feud.
  16. I was thinking more along the lines of threatening to slap the Kimura on her, but I guess putting her in the F-5 position but then deciding to drop her instead makes for a great moment.
  17. Those tits. Childhood mammaries :lol1:
  18. The question is, when is Dolph Ziggler going to be a one man band,,and not having someone ride his cocktails? He's always stuck with someone.
  19. I want him to be the General Manager of RAW, Vickie as a GM is a joke imo.
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