Ric Flairs daughter gets her ring name

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Aug 12, 2012.

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  2. From Charlotte, North Carolina..... :urm: Charlotte, still beats most of the crap they're usually given.
  3. Seems like a good name to me. Not really into the name though, I want to see if she is as good as the ring as her father is, if she is hope she goes somewhere other then WWE, even FCW would be a step up.
  4. Call her. WOOOO, whore.
  5. I get it, but yeah. So-so.
  6. I wonder If she'll do the four-figure leg lock?...:flair:
  7. Or maybe she'll beat up a multiple time world champion like her mother :win:
  8. Will she be announced as Charlotte Flair? Could be a cheap way to get her over.
  9. I'm expecting them to announce her as Flair, yeah.
  10. WWE is like a slave trading business. Wrestlers are forced to give up their real name in exchange for a one their masters prefer more. I was quite sad after reading an article about mcgillicutty and how sad he was about being given this name and how much he wanted to have his real name back. It reminds me of that movie with the slave kunta kinte when he is forced to take up the name toby. Anyway. I hope she is a talented wrestler and will benefit the women's division. I’ll be looking forward to vince messing up her career.
  11. Never expected a Roots reference.
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