Ric Flair's Youngest Son Dies

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jonathan, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. I echo the last line on behalf of the entire forum, I'm sure.

    Just 24, what an age to go :upset:
  2. Wow just shocking and yeah 24...what an age


    My deepest condolences to the Flair family
  3. Fucked up. He's even younger than me.
  4. That's so sad. RIP.
  5. :downer: Damn, so young. Sad moment. RIP
  6. He's roughly a year younger than me. RIP.
  7. Probably related to drug overdose.
    R.I.P though. Really sad.
  8. Wow that's terrible news. Anyone know what the cause was?
  9. Same age as me, poor guy. RIP, feel terrible for him and the Flair family.
  10. No-one knows yet, but im guessing its drug related from what ive read from the reports that were linked on Twitter

  11. R.I.P. Reid Flair
  12. If it's drugs related...he deserves no sympathy whatsoever
  13. Yeah, people that make mistakes in life deserve to sympathy whatsoever.
  14. Remember.. Say No to DRUGS
  15. I was quite shocked, especially given the shitty week that Ric had already been having with his blood clot.

    His last tweets seemed to be so full of happiness with performing with his dad the days following.

    My cousin passed away last year at the age of 22 and my aunt and uncle cope with it their own way daily. He was their only child and literally was EVERYTHING to them. His tombstone is a family one, and it's just wrong to me seeing a child's birth and death dates on a tombstone first.

    He unfortunately dabbled in drugs, which is my first assumption as to how he died, because a 24 year old doesn't just die in hotel room with no foul play unless he has some kind of health problem/overdoses.

    Tragic news that, if it turns out it was drugs, would be really frustrating to me because it could have been prevented.
  16. RIP Reid Flair.

    My honest condolences to Flair family.
  17. RIP

    My condolences to Flair and his family, it's a hard new
  18. So sad... R.I.P.
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