Ricardo Rodriguez busted for speeding.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 8, 2012.

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    Is there anything this legend can't do? Such a boss. :badass:
  2. Ricardo can drive!
  3. ADR shouldn't have let him borrow that Ferrari
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  4. Lol Ricardo doesn't borrow, he takes.
  5. Ricardo doesn't brake speed limits. Speeds limit spread themselves open for Ricardo.
  6. Are you trying to perpetuate stereotypes that all Mexicans steal??

    reported for racism.
  7. Crayo the racist.:kiss:

    Epic shit right here, found Ricardo's tape (or gif):

  8. He's not black?


    I'm kidding btw people.
  9. ^Forced apology ala CM Punk. He's not really kidding.

    Be offended everyone. Be very, very offended.
  10. I have no superiors to force me. #Boss
  11. Yea right bro. I reported you. The ones who got the report must have came down on you hard.
  12. Lol did you actually report it? I didn't see a notification come up, unless Staff dealt with it already. #StillABoss
  13. Yea, there wasn't a 'racist' option so I went with 'flaming' even though it didn't really fit.
  14. Del Rio should've kept his eyes on that Ferrari.
  15. I haven't dealt with it, Xanth doesn't do anything so Big Hoss must have dealt with it.

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  16. Rofl so true.
  17. Big Hoss why you no ban this racist man?
  18. I saw this before OMG lol is there anything Ricardo cant do. This guy is a legend and WWE is so missing the boat by not pushing him. This guy could main event easily if he got the push
  19. He keeps asking Xanth to unban him. :upset:
  20. Battle of the wills.
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