Rich Swann - Crayo's fav indy wrestler

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Mar 19, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]

    I'll get into talking about Swann in a minute but first I think I need to explain the title. Why have I decided that Swann is Crayo's fav on the indy's? Well it's quite easy. Swann looks a bit like if KSI became a wrestler.


    And we all know Crayo loves KSI.

    Anyways. Swann is one of those fast rising independent prospects. Growing leaps and bounds by working in both America and Japan like other current top prospects like Gargano, Uhaa Nation, Ricochet and guys before him like Danielson and Joe. Swann is a high flyer with a very entertaining style and tons of charisma. Leading me to think that he will either become a staple of the independent scene for years to come. Or get picked up by WWE or TNA somewhere down the road.

    Here's todays topic: How bright is the future for Swann? Will he become a big independent star (this guy is also very young so age is a plus for him) or do you see him in the big leagues down the road? And if so, for which company?

  2. He'll replace Generico as the star of the highlight reel I love this guy.
  3. Either Fox or Swann will be that new human highlight reel. I would normally blow the Ricochet pipe but he is looking to be a Japan mainstay it seems. Or possibly in the E or TNA in a few years.
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  4. @"R Albin" would probably also like this guy.
  5. True story: I came in this thread, looked at the OP, thought to myself 'this guy has a nice body' then left.

    Might have a wee look at him, wanna try to get more invested in younger talented guys in the hope I can follow their journey through wrestling.
  6. He needs to get bigger first..
  7. Swann does not need to get bigger in my opinion. It would not mesh with his style at all.
    He's a high flyer of high calibre. Him adding mass would make his entire ring style look slow and sloppy.
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Swann doesn't have anywhere near the charisma Punk does to get over his size, a better choice would be Rey Rey who got over for his speed and agility.
  10. Kofi and Evan disagree.

    Even if it's just a little mass. The dude is skinny, man.
  11. He's bigger than Bourne and looks around the same as Kofi IMO.
  12. Yeah I probably shouldn't post in such a douchey way about a guy I haven't even seen before lol. He's pretty slender, but he's tall and would look alright in a lower division match IMO.
  13. I do it all the time brother, it's OK we can't all be Testiify level of awesome :phew:
  14. I don't know what I have done to deserve such an accolade, but awesome :dawg:
  15. You're not on his level brother, neither am I.
  16. I assume you're talking about the 1st pic?
  17. Mainly from what I remember of him in general.



    Their builds aren't that different now compare it to this


    There isn't a lot of difference again, these are random pics I've chosen all showcasing them posing to avoid the airbrushing argument.

    There isn't a lot of difference.
  18. There isn't a difference....
  19. What are you seeing bro?

    Look at the arms! :bury:
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