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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Jan 17, 2014.

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    - TNA made the decision to debut Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards backstage at Genesis as a way to include them in the investor storyline. As of now, the team will be called The Wolves. Dave Lagana really pushed to sign the duo.

    - Davey Richards also teased some big changes ahead. He tweeted: "The landscape is changing in @IMPACTWRESTLING @TheEddieEdwards and myself are only the beginning. Stay tuned, BIG changes coming! #clearit"

    - There were a few people backstage wondering if the investor storyline was written to mock Jeff Jarrett's departure from TNA. Unless someone bought him out quietly, Jarrett is still a minority owner in the company.
  2. Glad to see the Wolves in TNA, damn when they do get into the ring they won't face the Bromans but it might be Bad Influence who they feast on first!
  3. Yeah I heard there's more fresh meat coming in.
    No whispers about who, there is just scouting reports saying TNA has been actively scouting for more roster even since adding EE & DR.
    I'm thinking they'll let them debut against Bad Influence, it seems like they're against Dixie having gotten signed behind her back from a secret investor.
    And I believe Bad Influence has been helping Team Dixie out so maybe she'll give Bad Influence the Wolves expecting them to take care of the fresh meat.

    I do hope they do some work with the secret investor angle, could play out very interestingly if done correctly, you know?
  4. This investor storyline sounds interesting, and I'm very excited to see the Wolves in TNA. I've seen a few of their matches and man, them vs BI would be awesome.
  5. It's pretty sweet that the two of them have pretty close names alphabetically haha,
    Seeing them next to eachother on the TNA roster page is pretty fitting.
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  6. I think a Bro-Mans vs. The Wolves feud is a lock for the next Tag Titles feud.
  7. I'm wondering who this new investor is.
  8. Quite fitting seeing them next to each other

  9. So they can update their roster page and add in Eddie and Davey but can't take off the TV Title.
  10. Lol such a useless Title.
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  11. After so many releases, it's great to see TNA pick up two good talents. Honestly am excited to see The American Wolves in TNA. Hope TNA scouts for more wrestlers and picks up more talent.
  12. Imagine a tag match against the two above them :gusta:
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  13. Dixie is one fine broad for being 50 years old

    I'd lick her butt tbh
  14. That X-Division championship looks shit, it was much better when it was red instead of blue. Oh, and the roster page sucks.
  15. Imagine Bad Influence vs. The Wolves

  16. I'm not huge on the Wolves like most guys mainly because of Faggy Richards and his lameass "aggression" but they're very good workers especially as a team and given how dogshit the tag team division has been recently it's a great acquisition Bad Influence have another 2 sets of shoulders to carry it.
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  17. u
    hell yea bro fuck Davey. look up vanilla midget or boring asshole in the dictionary and there is old davey being a dolt
  18. Davey is such a heat magnet lol.
  19. not sure if serious
  20. [​IMG]
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