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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by martyjannetty39, Jan 9, 2013.

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    I am willing to wager that not many people here would know who Steamboat was if wasn't managing Santino Marella right now. He was one of the best all time in the ring and better than 97% of the wrestlers currently on the roster.
  2. I am willing to say that 90% of our userbase know who Steamboat is. He is still active in the WWE product and we are a smark crowd. Steamboat also had the pro of making a major impact on the industry compared to the two teams in your other thread.
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  3. The active high end users on here will know Steamboat as they are all huge wrestling marks and watch past and present products a lot.
  4. Come on man, I'm from the same era as you are, slightly younger, but you can't compare Steamboat to effing Power and Glory. The wackers were popular for their time, yes, but Steamboat was a heavyweight champion in WCW. Not to mention he was in arguably the greatest match ever in WMIII, which I'm sure almost every real wrestling fan has seen.
  5. I never claimed that Power and Glory as well as the Bushwackers had a major impact. I made a poll just asking watch tag team was better. Then I said the Bushwackers were very popular in their time and Power and Glory were good heels with an awesome manager. Get you facts straight dummy.
  6. :pipebomb:

    Steamboat is one of my favorite wrestlers of that era who I felt didn't get the accolades he deserved. It's a shame he retired early, but the guy can still go, last time I seen him wrestle.
  7. Ok fella.....respect, but i never came close to comparing Power and Glory with Steamboat.
  8. You are missing my point. You base your statement that we don't know or respect 80's wrestling on that we did not know/care for two minor tag teams. The amount of caring a person does when it comes to wrestling can be measured in personal preference which can be traced to the amount of impact of said wrestler. Steamboat had a much bigger impact on the business which means that his name carries more weight in the business and thus lives on longer. Thus the % of a chance of a "youngster" knowing who Steamboat is is much higher.

    It is not that we don't respect older wrestling, it is just that we as fans don't really care so much for those who are irrelevant or did not make an impact on the business. We know and respect Hogan because he brought the business out in the mainstream with guys like Savage, Warrior, Steamboat, Rhodes, Flair etc. And in a way we respect guys like the Wackers who made up the lower card. We just don't see a reason in discussing it.
  9. I think he tagged with his son at a NXT live event recently.
  10. Why wouldn't that be on TV? I'd mark my balls off.
  11. Because his son is a Charisma Vacuum.
  12. Isn't he on NXT almost every week though?
  13. So is Bo Dallas and he is even worse (husky Harris/Bray Wyatt's brother and IRS' son) :pipebomb:
    In all seriousness I haven't seen Richie for a couple of weeks. Might be injured I dunno.
  14. You are very good at stating the obvious my friend. I have been on many wrestling forums and people had no problem discussing the old school days. Are you saying you are too good to discuss this era or minor tag teams? My point is if I posted on CM Punk people would be all over it. You call teams irrelavant when you didnt even see them wrestle....nonsense.
  15. Power & Glory were pretty irrelevant though. The only reason I remember them is because I'm a wrestling nerd who had nothing better to do as a kid. I'm in no way surprised no one remembers them. As for the wackers, they were OK but we're overshadowed by the Hart Foundation, Bulldogs, Rockers, Killer B's etc of their generation. They were the Santinos of their era. Will anyone remember him 20 years from now? I'm not sure, but anything is possible.
  16. False....you are confusing the word irrelevant with not having much impact. But good effort


    Defination of the word relevant

    bearing upon or connected with the matter in hand; pertinent: a relevant remark.

    Since this is a wrestling forum Power and Glory are relevant. If was I talking about greatest tag teams they would not be very relevant.
  17. That guy from NXT? Yeah I know him.
  18. Oh no you didn't! :shock:



    If only 1 person remembers something, is it relevant? If I weren't here, you'd be the only one. Just saying man, don't get upset with the younger users cause the don't remember that particular team. If you had thrown up Rockers vs Bulldogs and no one knew, I'd be up in arms as well.
  19. Once again look at the defination of relevant. Topic- wrestling. Power and Glory were a wrestling tag team, which makes them relevant. I knew I had to do some educating here.
  20. I see this isn't going anywhere useful so I'll stop now.
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