Riddle to WF || Can you solve this? :)

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  1. A 25 year old man wakes up and turns the light off.He brushes his teeth and then goes downstairs, reads the news on his laptop and goes to his job. When he returned home he turned the light on and took a shower to go to his bed. The next day the man wakes up, turns the light off and brushes his teeth.Then he talked to his phone and left to work.But when the young man gets home he forgets to turn the light on, takes a shower and goes to bed... The next morning the man brushes his teeth goes downstairs reads the news paper, talks to the phone and then suicides .... Why?

    Answer: Not asnwered

    Since we got many riddles the last minutes I decided to make a thread.
    If anyone finds it, he will have his e-penis grown by 2 inches.
  2. Omg... no idea. I suck at these.
  3. He got fired from his job?
  4. @[Crayo] It's a very difficult one to solve.
    You don't have to feel stupid.

    @[CM Punk] It doesn't matter
  5. It has something to do with the light... but I can't see how that could impact to suicide. I could only think of dropping the radio in the shower or something lmao. Accidental, not suicide. So... confused.
  6. It's a suicide :emoji_slight_smile:.

    inb4 @[Anonymous] reads this thread and solve this riddle.
  7. He works in a lighthouse? He didn't do his job so killed himself?
  8. Your e-penis is now 2 inches longer.

    [size=xx-small]Did you read my thread on HF? lol[/size]
  9. I read the thread on HF.
  10. Lol thanks and I'm not on hf at the moment lol.
  11. Still don't fully understand it.
  12. @[Crayo] The man lives in a Light House.. And when he reads the news paper and sees that the light on the light house wasnt turned on that night and all of the boats crashed into the harbor... Therefore he held himself responsible.
  13. Oh thanks for that, I really do suck at riddles. But love em'

    Off-topic; Resize your sig Punk :emoji_heart:.
  14. Wish Granted!
  15. There are two dogs sitting on a porch. One dog is fat and one is thin. The little dog is the son of the fat dog, but the fat dog is not the father of the thin dog. Can you explain?
  16. The fat dog is the mother of the thin dog?
  17. The thin dog is adopted. Nuff said.
  18. Yep :}
  19. Warning non pg language present here. I rate it tv-14.
  20. That's epic.