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  1. Right, shall I play through a number of girls or stick to a main one? I've had enough of sitting back and relaxing. I need some advice, what would you recommend?
  2. One main? Can you get into more detail.
  3. A chick that your more faithful to and more serious about, if you get where I'm coming from.
  4. How old are you?
  5. If your aim is to become a slut, by all means try and get as many women as you can. Just remember to go full-douchebag by having little emotional attachment to them.

    Or, you know, you could just date someone because you want to date them, and not because you're socially inclined to or because you're too insecure to be alone.
  6. One girl - you can do more with one girl than you can with many.

  7. It depends on how old you are. High school relationships are generally a waste of time. If you are in that age range I say don't worry about maintaining a serious relationship and just do whatever makes you happy. If you are older than that it's more tricky and I don't think it's that cool to be 'playing' girls so to speak. If it is clear to both you and her that you are just looking for a good time and nothing serious, that's one thing, but don't be an asshole about it and lead them on for no reason.

    Overall though nobody on this board knows you or what you want. If you aren't looking for a serious relationship there is no reason to force yourself into one.. that will only cause more harm than good for both of you.
  8. 16 years old and 7 months.

    Well, technically a male slut, yes. I'm just thinking cause I've had many opportunities but I always refuse to do so because I always think I should keep a main chick.

    Interesting fact, my friend.
  9. 16? That means High School. You could really go either way and it wouldn't matter. Whatever you want.
  10. I'm currently in College, since I'm in the UK which is different to the States. I wouldn't know what it is in the States.
  11. Use the Tom leykis rule. Date until 25 then marry.

    Under no circumstances shall you go into a long term relationship!!

  12. I love you, very factual. I don't know what I want if I'm honest but all I do want is a girl, I've been 'alone' for a while and looking for some fun but then again if I do it for fun, I know I'd just fall for her and so forth.
  13. Leykis 101
    Rules all men should live by!

    1. Never date a single mother
    2. Never do what you don't want to do. You make the money, you decide where you go and what you do!
    3. Dont ask a woman what she wants to do!
    4. Never tell a woman how much money you make!
    5. Never date a co worker!
    6. Never answer your phone on the weekend!
    7. Never spend more then 40 bucks on a date!
    8. Never approach a woman at a bar or club that has a group of friends with her!
    9.if your not getting laid by the third date. Drop her! 3 strikes she's out!
    10. No spooning, no cuddling, no staying over! Get in and get out!
    11. Never be in a committed relationship unless your 25 or ready to settle down

    This is Leykis 101!

    Class is in session!

  14. Very true; if you haven't been with many girls it's easy to let yourself think you are falling for any girl that you go out with. That's just a part of the process; if that is the stage of the game you are at I'd honestly recommend just casually dating before over-committing yourself into a genuine relationship. Like I said though just try not to lead the girl on into thinking you are looking for something you're not, which can be tricky.

    You are young, so you should just be finding out what you truly like in a girlfriend and having a good time while doing it before actively seeking out a long term relationship if you ask me. If you happen to find a girl that you really want to be with along the way, so be it, but you shouldn't go into things with the expectations of making her your 'main girl' as you put it in your original post.
  15. Seriously follow what I posted. Tom Leykis is a genius.

    He will get you more tail or less money.


  16. This is a nice set of rules that a man should live by, it was an interesting read. Most of them are actually nice. They made me laugh. I'm planning on getting married at roughly 25, so number 10's alright.

    Thank you for your long detailed post. I shall give you a detailed response as you've put in the time and effort. Firstly, yeah that's true as I'm not experienced I don't want to fall straight into long-term relationships as that would be a whole lot of pressure and stress for no reason at all. I'm possibly thinking of looking at a few chicks, dating them, get experienced, learn a few things and so forth at my age then look into long-term relationships at a later age. I don't want to commit if I cannot handle; so I'd rather do the mature thing and learn the steps and get used to the ropes before heading straight into a long-term relationship at this age.
  17. @[Dolph'sZiggler] = Opera
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