Ring Ka King

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  1. [video=youtube]www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ov1amym4UaM[/video]

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  2. Wth is Ring Ka King?
  3. New promotion in India by TNA.
  4. Oh I see, I will have to watch it then when I get some time.
  5. The roster has a lot of potential. Thanks for the links I'll give it a watch in a while.
  6. Watched yesterday both episodes on YT, and boy I'm a huge fan already: it's cheesy and corny and I like it! It has evil sheiks, cat-men, Scott Steiner runnin' wild, Brutus Magnus cutting awesome promos, great noob crowd... It feels like you're watching something from 80s, lol. You should really check it out.
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  7. Seriously? Sounds like a great show to be honest. Think I'll be YouTubing it :emoji_slight_smile:.

    Looking forward to seeing Steiner lmao :hehe:
  8. Also saw it yesterday :O. Magnus' surprised me, those promos were exceptional lol. Crowd sounds like a lot of marks, loud, perfect.
  9. Magnus is an amazing talent. He still seems to be a bit green in ring from what I remember but he's got everything else.
  10. Yeah, Magnus is seriously awesome. He's incredibly charismatic, great and confident talker, owns everyone on the mic left and right, decent wrestler, and has a pretty impressive presence. He's tailor-made for TV wrestling. Hopefully TNA pushes him hard this year.
  11. I wanted to open this thread, but when it's already there... Here are two latest episodes, #9 and #10:

    The 9th episode is awesome and features the STEINER riot, lawls. Epic stuff this is!
  12. Wow this is fucking awesome! Such a catchy intro tune! Ring da ring da ring ka king

    please post every episode ITT. This may have just became my favorite wrestling company going. If only I spoke Hindi

    Chavo, Steiner, Masters... :emoji_heart: This is awesome

    Eugene, a midget wearing gold chains, and Abyss's shadowy figure behind a glass door... this is too good to be true. Why didn't I watch this from the start

    in true TNA fashion the heels are winning every single match rofl
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  13. Scott FUCKING Steiner, nuff said!
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  14. I'll try to keep every episode updated here, no worry. Rasslin Ka Kah!
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  15. Chavo and masters are in TNA? #HadNoIDea
  16. Not in TNA, Crayo.
  17. They are under the TNA umbrella though, and could realistically be brought to TNA any time they see fit really

    I expect we'll see Masters in TNA at some point
  18. I was wondering how this works tbh, are these guys under TNA contracts or Ring Ka King contracts? If I've got this right TNA own Ring Ka King, right?
  19. Tbh, I don't know 100%, they are under RKK contracts, and RKK is more like TNA's partner, not an official international brand by TNA.