Ring of Honor- Border Wars Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Dolph'sZiggler, May 8, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]


    Ring of Honor World Championship
    "Jiu Jitsu Jackoff" Davey Richards (c) vs "Wrestling's Worst Nightmare" Kevin Steen



    ROH World Tag Team Championship - Fight Without Honor
    The Briscoes (c) vs Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team


    ROH World TV Championship
    Finlay vs Roderick Strong (c)


    Showdown in the Sun Rematch
    Lance Storm vs "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett


    Special Challenge Match
    "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards vs Rhino


    Grudge Match
    Jay Lethal vs Tommaso Ciampa


    Special Attraction
    "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin vs Adam Cole


    such a boss ass card
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  2. That promo from Steen was awesome.

    I'll probably drop in and watch this on Sat.
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  3. Anybody know of a place that streams RoH PPVs live for free? I've always just watched or DL'd them the next day

    yea yea, I know they are only 15 dollars and I should buy them, but I'm poor so blow me.
  4. Nope. Last year I found stream for free, but it was taken down right after the first match ended. They're very sucessful in taking streams down. I doubt we have any chance.:bury:

    However, the card looks balls awesome. For the first ever I think, I'm literally interested in every match, so kudos to ROH for that.

    Edwards/Rhino and Finlay/Roddy will be pretty stiff and hard-hitting matches, I reckon. I love that kinda matches.

    About ME...... Probably the most important outcome in ROH history will happen there, so they better choose the right one. #SteenChampion

    Btw, roflmao @ "Jiu Jitsu Jackoff" Davey Richards. :laugh:
  5. That sucks then. I guess I'll find somewhere to watch it Sunday.

    The good thing about ROH is it's easy to avoid spoilers lol
  6. :obama::obama::obama:

    As a hardcore ROHbot, I gotta say this is the best match-card in 2012, by a long mile. Basically every match could be great, and Steen/Richards, Strong/Finlay, Cole/Elgin and Storm/Prodigy II have a MOTYC potential. I know it because ROH gives every match enough time to tell a story.

    DAVEY vs. Mr. WRESTLING: hoping that Steen wins here and Davey turns heel bcuz he's a natural dickhead.

    DEMBOYS vs. WGTT: DemBoys should knock the shit out of Haas and Benjamin, and the FWH stip makes this shit cool.

    RODDY vs. BOSS!: what a slugfest this will be! Strong wins and turns face by leaving the HOT.

    EDWARDS vs. RHINO: such a bossy little match this could be, Eddie wins.

    L. STORM vs. PRODIGY: Bennett wins again, that guy is simply AWESOME! :otunga:

    LETHAL vs. CIAMPA: a feaud ender, Lethal wins and ends the streak here.

    COLE vs. ELGIN THE BEAST~: David vs. Goliath story here. Elgin needs to look strong because he's a SOTF winner and has a guaranteed title shot down the road, but Cole is getting a permanent main event push, so I want and believe he's winning this match.

    To sum up, I expect GREATNESS. And it's $15 only. :obama:
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  7. I'd pay it if I could. Will just have to watch the next day. Determined to get into RoH.
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  8. Isn't this on now?
  9. Yup.

    Hopefully I can find it to watch tomorrow
  10. Hey D'Z, any way you can let us non-ROH fans know if this PPV is any good?

    From what you say, if this lives up to the potential then it would be a great way to get into ROH.
  11. Rants about stream of this PPV are all over the internite, lol. Huge problems apparently. So glad I didn't buy it. :cornette:
  12. The fans are ranting all over Twittah and Facebook because of technical difficulties. I'm glad I ordered Evolve 13 instead.

    Btw: STEEN!
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  13. Again, Testify? ROH, you will never compete with TNA if you can't do basic shit.
  14. So disappointed with myself to decide to come back into this thread.


  15. That's not really a spoiler.

    He may have won, he may have lost and cut an epic promo that tore the place down, he may have stole the belt, he just did something entertaining.
  16. Come on son
  17. Yes, again. If they continue to do shit like this, they'll run out of business soon then, but I hope not. Overall, for most people, the stream was a freaking disaster. Ugh. :cornette:
  18. Just watched it today... fantastic!!!!
  19. Ring of Honor has released a Kevin Steen promo video that was recorded after he captured the ROH Title at Saturday's Border Wars pay-per-view.

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  20. Steen is such a :boss:

    ROH has become a MUCH better and entertaining company with him runnin' wild.
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